URGENT!:LARGE commercial plane or two WILL go down shortly due to pilots having massive heart attacks in flight; it is booked, not 'if'; we must rule out myocarditis before they fly; chest MRI, hs-cTn

by Paul Alexander

high-sensitivity cardiac troponin (hs-cTn) looks for cardiac injury, cardiac MRI (gadolinium); silent myocarditis MUST be ruled out in pilots % flight attendants; NEVER ONE pilot flights! NEVER!

Josh Yoder, US Freedom Flyers is out front and we must praise his work in trying to save pilots and the travelling public’s lives.

Are they actually trying to cause a major air disaster with these disease-causing, spike-protein bioweapon factories? Seems so to me. One pilot? If pilots are struggling, has the vaccine itself damaged and impacted the thousands of air-traffic controllers in terms of mental function, speed of reactions, and processing and especially in the constant stressed environment if they have silent myocarditis and thus scarred hearts? Are we sitting on a powder keg?

Truth is you have to be weary and scared of flying now. This issue is real for these reckless malfeasants went and got all pilots vaccinated, save a few.

I am warning you, Dr. Hodkinson warns you, Dr. Makis warns you, Dr. McCullough warns you, Dr. Malhotra (now fully against the gene injections, all of these gene shots), Dr. Ramin Oskoui, Dr. Stock etc. warns you that we have to take this seriously and urgently as these pilot cardiac events are routine now. We cannot stay silent. The mRNA technology gene injection must be pulled, must be stopped, there is no benefit and it is deadly.

Key points before you read this substack (Dr. Hodkinson, myself, Jim Torma are debating and will discuss shortly on air):

  • All (vast majority of) pilots are vaccinated

  • A large # will have undiagnosed ‘silent’ myocarditis

  • Myocarditis + the stress of take off and landing creates the possibility of a fatal heart irregularity (arrythmia); the stress/duress causes a flood of catecholamines to be released (adrenaline) and this flooding onto a scarred myocarditis heart with irregular and sub-optimal electrical conduction puts much strain on the heart and can result in cardiac arrest

  • Pilots need to be screened for sub-clinical myocarditis with a specialized cardia MRI (Gadolinium MRI) as well as high-sensitivity cardiac troponin (hs-cTn) and EKG etc.

  • The FAA quietly changed the criteria for an abnormal screening MRI etc. allowing changes that predispose to a cardiac arrythmia

  • The airlines, FAA, and pilot unions do NOT want to get involved and will not investigate!

  • There is now a push by the airlines to have only ONE pilot per jet!! Either a cost saving measure and/or due to an acute pilot shortage (? Disability/resigning/ fired for not taking the vaxx)

  • NO ECGs on Canadian pilots for 2+ years!!

  • Delayed issuing of autopsy results on pilots due to slow walking of the medical examiners offices – one Canadian widow has been waiting for over a year to get the full autopsy report

  • Total lack of interest in specialized histopathological studies to determine the cause of death in SADS – I could elaborate in lay language

  • Emotional pull of a close up interview needed with a widow of a dead pilot

  • Multinationals demanding the pilots of their private jets are unvaccinated!

  • A significant # of events have already happened

I warn again, 1, 2, 3 planes may fall from the sky before you wake up and stop this? And do something? Must hundreds or thousands die suddenly for you to stop???

Start here:

Virgin Australia Pilot Suffers ‘Heart Attack’ 30 Minutes After Takeoff, Prompting Emergency Landing

A Virgin Australia flight from Adelaide to Perth was forced to make an emergency landing after the First Officer reportedly suffered a heart attack just 30 minutes after departure. The incident occurred on 3rd March and resulted in the Airbus A320 being forced to return to Adelaide, where emergency responders were waiting to transport the sick pilot to the hospital.’


Last November, the Captain of an American Eagle flight died from a suspected heart attack shortly after takeoff from Chicago O’Hare, while the Captain of a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight became incapacitated and later died last August during a flight from Muscat to Dhaka.’



see also these 11 who died (10 plus the pilot) in this crash in Seattle, was it vaccine linked to pilot?

see also this pilot’s death in flight:

He did not faint, he had a heart attack, he died, this is vaccine induced unless it is ruled out e.g. myocarditis or vaccine status.

What we know

‘An American Eagle flight operated by Envoy Air, from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport (ORD), to Columbus, Ohio (CMH), returned to the O’Hare airport on November 20, after the captain passed out and became incapacitated not long after departure. Data shows that the flight was only about 10 minutes from take-off when the situation arose.’



see here:

Listen here (double click):

see here also:

Envoy did not comment on the cause of the medical emergency. The Air Line Pilots Association, the union which represents Envoy’s pilots, didn’t comment.