URGENT: Molnupiravir (Lagevrio) made by Merck is driving mutations of COVID virus and mutations are likely infectious and can be lethal! see pre-print by Sanderson et al.; failed drug like PAXLOVID

by Paul Alexander

Molnupiravir functions by causing mutations in COVID genome & thus preventing replication & it's actually driving transmissible mutations; we face variants due to leaky injections plus Molnupiravir??

We told these idiots at CDC, FDA & NIH this the day the drug came onto market, similar to the failed ‘rebound COVID’ Paxlovid by Pfizer. We told them it will be mutagenic & here we go! This drug is generating and spreading new variants, along with the infectious variants generated by the sub-optimal population immune pressure induced by the leaky imperfect gene injections onto the target spike antigen.



‘It is possible that some patients treated with molnupiravir might not fully clear SARS-CoV-2 infections, with the potential for onward transmission of molnupiravir-mutated viruses…find that a specific class of long phylogenetic branches appear almost exclusively in sequences from 2022, after the introduction of molnupiravir treatment, and in countries and age-groups with widespread usage of the drug…show that its signature, with elevated G-to-A and C-to-T rates, largely corresponds to the mutational spectrum seen in these long branches. Our data suggest a signature of molnupiravir mutagenesis can be seen in global sequencing databases, in some cases with onwards transmission.’