URGENT! Pilot Josh Yoder writes he was notified by passengers on Southwest flight departing Las Vegas today that captain became incapacitated soon after takeoff this morning. 5th pilot incapacitation

by Paul Alexander

Pilot was removed from the flight deck and replaced by a non Southwest pilot who was commuting on that flight. This is now the fifth pilot incapacitation that I’m aware of in the past two weeks.

I will provide more details as they become known. Until the COVID mRNA technology gene injection is ruled out, so that we know he was not vaccinated, then the vaccine is the cause and on the table. This is likely vaccine-induced silent myocarditis in the era of DIED SUDDENLY. If they do NOT mention vaccine, then it is vaccine.

Pilots are having cardiac arrest and some have died just before flight or after, soon a plane will come down loaded with passengers.

Soon a plane is coming down with passengers, because pilots are vaccine injured and have silent myocarditis! I am warning you...many will die! Airlines not doing enough to protect pilots, not working to exclude silent myocarditis before they take to the cabin...D-dimer, high sensitivity troponin, chest MRI with contrast, EKGs etc.

It is like when they do not tell you specifics when someone gets stabbed (mass stabbing) and run over by a truck in a market place etc. in Europe and now in Canada and US, you know damn well who it is. You know it all. You know something is terribly wrong with the COVID fraud death shot.

Do not touch it and never ever give a healthy child these shots, ever, defend that hill with your life.