URGENT Public service warning!: Rainbow colored Fentanyl now used to target children, be WARNED, very very dangerous; Police are warning parents after finding rainbow-colored fentanyl

by Paul Alexander

If children touch this, they will die! Just touch it! Looks like chalk or candy, be very careful, warn your children! This is deadly even to inhale particles; courtesy of Wuhan China, COVID & Fentanyl

Rainbow Fentanyl is not candy! It looks like chalk that kids play with and if they touch it and put their hands in their mouth, they will die!

Yes coming out of South America, but starts in Wuhan, China.


California police sounded the alarm over drug traffickers using rainbow and other candy coloring in fentanyl on Saturday.

The Monterey Police Department posted an image of a small bag of candy-colored fentanyl, saying that just a single-use can be deadly for adults and even children. Just two milligrams of fentanyl is considered to be a potentially lethal dose.

“Sadly we are now seeing fentanyl in rainbow/candy coloring. We encourage parents to speak with their children about the dangers of this deadly drug. Just one use can be fatal,” the police department wrote.