URGENT: Shocking phone call recording with pharmacist who administered the COVID injection to a child now in hospital with myocarditis. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4...we are authenticating for if real, serious!

by Paul Alexander

This can be a punk in terms of the information is real but not a real discussion, just staged; it is great but if staged then that is terrible for the content is accurate! we are investigating!

Word is father is New Zealander living in New York? Again, we are trying to verify, it is on Bannon’s telegram at this time he has it up! Twitter will take this down soon. Normal calls don’t go on this long and listener will likely say we don’t tolerate abusive language. We are checking to see if real and at this time, I have no reason to say NOT real but be guarded, these beasts try to throw us off all the time. But this is classic!

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