URGENT URGENT: calling on the 7 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Sahin, Bourla, Malone, Bancel, Weissman, Karikó, Francis Collins) to address mRNA disaster of Jamie FOXX, Bronny James, Damar Hamlin et al.

by Paul Alexander

It is time, it is time these people who developed fame, used tax-payer money across decades to enrich for they did that & brought technology & vaccine that is shown to be deadly, SPOKE UP!

The disasters around you should show you that you need to find ways to rid the body of spike protein (virus and definitely vaccine-induced), to dissolve it for it is causing clots and bleedings and cardiac arrest and the vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna (Sahin, Bancel et al.), the doctors know it, they cannot say it now as will be sitting in jails but we push hard to get that, you just wait! They will never get away! See below.