URGENT (Wales government): 'Ongoing investigation into neonatal myocarditis cluster in South Wales'; this is very rare & must be investigated urgently as to source! Question: what is unique? thread?

by Paul Alexander

10 babies developed myocarditis within cluster; did these people vaccinate these babies? Is this linked to maternal COVID mRNA vaccinal antibodies? are these enterovirus infections due to vaccine?

‘A cluster of severe enterovirus infections with myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) occurring in very young babies from the South Wales region, is being investigated by Public Health Wales, working closely with the paediatric team at the Children’s Hospital for Wales.

The cases occurred from June 2022, with a peak in November 2022, involving babies under 28 days old. Enterovirus is a common infection of childhood which can cause a range of symptoms. It rarely affects the heart, with most babies and children recovering completely.  However, in very young babies, enterovirus can cause severe illness in the first few weeks of life.  


Parents should be reassured that although there has been an increase in cases, this is still an extremely rare occurrence. Paediatricians in Wales have been advised and will continue to consider the possibility of myocarditis in babies presenting with sepsis (blood poisoning). Wales has a good surveillance system in place for enterovirus and is engaged in a clinical study to understand this incident further and learn lessons, including changes in how infections circulate and population immunity following the pandemic.

The World Health Organisation has been informed about the cluster by Public Health Wales, under its International Health Regulations obligations because of the unusual and severe nature of the cases.’

Let us await investigations and we cannot take the impact of COVID vaccine maternal antibodies on these new borns. We know there is placental and milk risk. Evidence now show this.

Iain Harris Writes Iain’s Newsletter shared this. Thank you.