URGENT WARNING: TRUMP was devastatingly misled by Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla (Pfizer), Bancel (Moderna), CDC, NIH, etc. to set aside early treatment for ineffective harmful COVID vaccines

by Paul Alexander

I cannot stay silent anymore; I have written and spoken out with Vanden Bossche, McCullough, Yeadon, Risch, Cole, etc. yet FDA now has our kids in 'approval' cross hairs this month from June 7th 2022

Based on what data to show children, healthy children, need these COVID injections? What data? What evidence?

The COVID vaccines are a complete failure and are not safe.

First, my office at HHS (which is at 200 Independence Ave, Washington, DC, obliquely opposite the Capitol Building) during the pandemic, was on the 6th floor of HHS. While I was there. Above me on the 7th floor, was the Operation Warp Speed (OWS) main office (with massive military presence), and also, Moderna had it’s mRNA vaccine development main office for the mRNA research etc. on the 7th floor. Moderna ran it’s vaccine development program on the 7th floor. I attended meetings there on 7th, though most OWS meetings that I attended were on the 6th.

The issue of whether POTUS Trump was misled or not, IMO, he was, and I cannot think otherwise. The lockdowns and school closures were punishingly devastating on the population, and the COVID injections. Hands down and there is no dispute and these happened in his presidency. I myself cannot understand why at this time given all we know that he would espouse the lockdowns as successful and these ineffective and harmful injections/vaccines. They are catastrophic failures and we knew how harmful the lockdowns were soon after implementation, as we know how ineffective and harmful the vaccines are soon after roll-out, yet those in charge harden and extend and continue. It is as if they are very inept and incompetent, or do not care about the accumulating evidence of harms. It even opens the door to some level of malfeasance. It also suggests that it is either ineptness or malfeasance or a combination. History and legal settings will have to deal with this and clarify but IMO, for Trump to have not been misled, means he knew and went along. I cannot agree with that. I will not. He made catastrophic mistakes. I do believe he wanted to do and try anything that would work to help his nation and people based on what was presented to him, and depended on his officials and agencies to give him the best information and guidance. Yes, the final decisions were his. That is his to address.

You must understand that most people (those I write about below) were and are scared about retribution and their research grants etc. They still are. Most if not all are. Their jobs, salary, grants, and to be honest, safety, guides their decisions. Few people are brave enough to stand up. Yet there are many who are run after the money and advancement.

Just look at how medical/clinical doctors who know that natural immunity is superior to vaccinal immunity, who knew that there are and were early effective treatments for COVID (at least empiric and precautionary principle), who knew that the vaccines could not be properly safe or even effective with a few months of study (when it needed a decade and more), who knew the history with these vaccines, who knew the history of the failed Ebola drug ‘remdesivir’, yet went along and continue to go along for money, salary, research grants, job security etc. They knew that there was an age-risk gradient where elderly 80 year olds with medical conditions were at a 1000 fold (thousands fold) increased risk of severe outcome relative to 10 year olds (if infected). Yet kept quiet. They knew the over-cycled over sensitive bogus RT-PCR test was denoting the vast majority as ‘positives’, with a 95% false-positive rate. They all knew. They knew that this ‘asymptomatic’ spread was bogus. They knew the masks were ineffective and even harmful, especially to children. They knew we were never ‘at equal risk of severe outcomes if exposed/infected’. This will go down as the greatest travesty in history. Doctors have lost all credibility.

I again warn. I am warning parents to be very careful with their healthy children. Their children. Stop and step back as to these vaccines. Your children bring near zero risk. They do not need these vaccines. Period. No one, no Fauci, no Walensky, no Francis Collins, no Albert Bourla et al. have prosecuted the case as to why your healthy zero risk child needs a vaccine that is proven ineffective and harmful. Your response should be NO! Under no condition! And be willing to defend that hill! There is no liability protection for your child if harmed by these vaccines.

I write as someone from on the inside while at HHS in the Trump administration (Senior COVID Pandemic Advisor role) having spoken to high level persons, scientists with direct roles in the vaccine development (CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, Moderna, Pfizer etc.). I write only to the extent I may share as I cannot/will not share confidential details or classified type details and only as an urgent warning to the US and globe. I am focused here on our children and their safety yet you may extrapolate to the larger society e.g. adults as you see fit.

These COVID vaccines have failed. They are ineffective and not properly safe, and in fact, harmful, and the evidence has accumulated that these injections harm and do kill. These injections do not sterilize the virus (inducing non-neutralizing antibodies) and as such, do not stop infection, replication, or transmission. Those vaccinated are getting infected as the mRNA induced vaccinal antibodies (Abs) can bind to the virus’s spike (receptor binding domain (RBD)) (infectiousness of the virus) but not neutralize the virus/eliminate it. As such the vaccinal Ab are enhancing/facilitating infection in the vaccinee. Moreover, the vaccinated are at elevated risk of hospitalization and death post shot, especially those over 50 years with 2nd and 1st booster (3rd shot). There is also steep negative effectiveness where effectiveness drops to zero and below.

The accumulated evidence shows just how much of a problem these injections/vaccines are and how much of a failure they are (Brownstone).


These vaccines can potentially cause severe harm and deaths in our children. We are being asked by the vaccine makers, CDC, NIH, FDA etc. to take healthy children with statistical zero risk of severe illness post infection, who have robust potent ‘1st line of defense’ innate immune systems (poly-specific, low-affinity, broad Abs and natural killer cells (NK cells) and other components) that can sterilize the virus, to take a vaccine that confers zero benefit to them yet carries risk that we already know of.

In the US, UK, Germany, Sweden etc., we have found not one instance, not one instance of a healthy child being infected with COVID virus and dying. Not one! Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins did his own study (and his group) and reported that no healthy child in the US post infection, has died of COVID.

I want to be as clear as possible in this communication in the hopes you share it widely. I am sharing this piece based on my understanding having spoken to various persons involved in these vaccines, even the developers e.g. Moderna, CDC, FDA, NIH, Pfizer etc.

They shared with me at HHS, because of my own battles with NIH and Fauci over school closures and masks (that was common knowledge), and my statements and writings on the problems with the OWS vaccine trials, that they knew I was being cancelled, slandered, and set for being fired.

They knew what I was dealing with and they wanted to talk to me ‘off the record’ and confidentially at HHS at various opportunities e.g. lunch room, DC mall etc., to share that they felt the same and were very scared of their careers being cancelled, reprisal, and even safety. So they would talk to be near in secret. It was always a pressured environment in case they were seen or over heard with me. They wanted as they would say, to ‘cleanse’ themselves and tell me things to get if off their chest, they were very angry with the vaccine development process, and they wanted me to know that I was not wrong for raising the hell I was raising and the questions, and that they would join me save for their careers being destroyed, no income, and retaliations, personal safety concerns.

My discussions were with people who identified as from FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, Pfizer etc. These people (their directors and leaders) had sub-offices and main offices at HHS. HHS stands as the umbrella organization for the principle public health alphabet agencies. They knew who I was yet I did not work directly (or indirectly) with them. They were high level, with direct involvement as scientists and my understanding was in the vaccine itself. That is all I can say.

They shared many things surrounding the vaccine development, its safety in their view, and the politics of OWS and how it was being handled to hurt Trump. It was always shocking to me how the deepstate and such within public health e.g. CDC, NIH etc. were conspired against the POTUS, even in the midst of a pandemic. What they shared without my getting granular (and the focus here in this substack is only on the children vaccine discussions) is that:

1)they understood (para) that the vaccine trials (focus on children) being planned and ongoing (already at any level) were deliberately undersized and shortened as to duration of follow-up, so that safety signals would not be possible (emergent); this would allow the trial results to appear much more beneficial; this greatly bothered them and they were afraid to raise it and push back out of retaliation fears

2)they feared that auto-immune disease would rear its head in the medium to more distant future post vaccine in healthy children and children would be harmed; they feared dose-dependent harms (boosters) and saw in their work that this was not going to be properly studied, certainly not in children and not in adults

3)they feared that children (healthy) could and would be harmed from the mRNA vaccines and could and would die post shot due to the effects of the vaccine; they feared blood clots, bleeding, myocarditis, pericarditis etc. in children and stated this to me; they were very angry for they felt with certainty, that there would be deaths in normal healthy children post the injection, and due to the injection; based on their own immunology/virology/vaccinology background, they felt strongly enough to state this to me at that time

4)they were angered as to why the proper safety studies were not done for children, infants to teens etc.; they were very angered as to the liability protection afforded to the vaccine makers and all involved except adult and children vaccinees; they felt this had to be removed so that children could have some tort protections

5) they felt strongly that healthy children were not candidates for the mRNA vaccine (any COVID vaccine) given the vanishingly low risk of severe outcomes post infection; they felt that their own employers and agencies were reckless and dangerous as to children safety

6)they feared proper adverse effect surveillance would not be performed and this would be devastating on safety

7)they felt that the functional innate immune system that protects children would be damaged and destroyed by the mRNA vaccines because there was no study, and their own understanding and study at that point was raising serious concerns of subversion of the innate immune system; they were angered as to why the vaccine companies were not studying antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) which they felt was a real risk and very probable

8)they were very very concerned about the safety of children if they were given the mRNA vaccines; they felt there were too many safety concerns

9)they did not understand why the push was purely vaccines at the demise of early treatment; they felt that the vaccine should only be relegated to special high risk populations, in their words, approximately 5-8% of the US population (high risk elderly over 75 etc. with medical conditions as well as any relevant high risk groups); at that time, they were of the belief that the vaccines should be promoted or offered to high-risk persons and not demanded or made policy or mandated

10)at that time, they were already very concerned about the mRNA vaccines driving viral immune escape and the risk of variants emerging due to the vaccines, for they admitted that they would be rolling out vaccine based on the legacy strain (that was already baked in as part of OWS) with no intent of adjusting the spike protein; they knew that the future as they said, would be variants and this was one of their gravest concerns; they felt there was the risk of more infectious and hotter variants; they tacitly admitted that the epidemic/pandemic would not be tamed by the vaccines once escape variants emerged that were resistant to the vaccinal antibodies (legacy strain). At that time they were already predicting. They were already understanding that this would be a very serious issue. At that time the roll-out was still 6 or 7 months away but they were speculating based on their (and my) own knowledge of immunology/virology/vaccinology, given they identified as having direct involvement and expertise.

My take away from our very sensitive near secretive discussions was anger on their part as to why children (as was their understanding) were not included in any of the ongoing studies (or planned) yet were being discussed definitively as being candidates (as well as pregnant women or persons recovered from COVID or elderly persons). They were angered that children brought little if any risk to the table and were not candidates for the vaccine (then or in the future) yet their agencies and vaccine pharma companies were steam-rolling ahead. They wanted me to know there were many like them in their agencies and pharma companies who were angered and concerned but were very very scared for safety and careers and income loss. They constantly praised me for what I was doing in standing up yet admitted they could not. I pleaded with them to come forward but they would not.

They had no trust or faith in Dr. Collins or Dr. Fauci or CDC leadership or NIH leadership in terms of understanding of the COVID science or the benefits or risks of the vaccines and felt that the nation was being misled by them as to the vaccine. They were also dismayed and discouraged by the FDA’s regulatory role that in their view was not protecting the nation from the vaccines in terms of safety.

They also hoped that the shortcuts they felt were being taken in the development, would be caught by regulatory agencies in other locations, nations, settings. They hoped that other nations and locations would not just adopt the FDA’s and NIH’s and CDC’s stances and decisions and that they would do their own studies and regulatory examination.

I asked as to children, for more exact date approximations from vaccine roll-out as to potential ramifications/ill-effects (at that time approximately 6-7 months in the future for roll-out) but that was not forthcoming. That was the situation for the children discussions only.

These were discussions I had around July/August 2020 at/near HHS, involving FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, Pfizer identified officials/scientists.