US and west pushing us to nuclear war with Russia; this is insane; US has zero '0' national security interests/threat in Ukraine, nor Sweden, nor Finland; NONE; a hot war that China may join Russia?

by Paul Alexander

This is very insane to see US politicians going to Ukraine to stoke this nuclear war; we can't have baby food or borders secure and blacks killing blacks, the real holocaust, yet we want nuclear war?

That we in the west have provoked Ukraine and this situation into Ukraine joining NATO; why? Did I hear it right, 100 people killed in the US over 2 days this last weekend, yet the highest death toll in Iraq war on one day was 38??? I may have just had my triple scotch to calm down after listening to the bull shit those officials who went to Ukraine were saying.

We must urgently get to the table with some form of peace process, we must de-escalate this and seek an urgent negotiated settlement. WWIII is looming.