US black population refused COVID gene vaccine due to the community’s deep understanding of the extensive history of U.S. pharmaceuticals links to racial eugenics; minority community was decimated

by Paul Alexander

Fauci lockdown lunacy hurt black, minority population disproportionally, vaccine hurt them worse, shifting the burden to them from the laptop class, US public health, CDC, FDA etc. killed black people

I will state some key words up top:





5) fungibility

These are the types of words that underpinned the filth and banality of academia, medical doctors, technocrats, researchers, media people etc. across COVID, as they moved to enrich and sturdy themselves and not ‘rock the boat’ so to speak. It was all about enriching themselves and ‘going along’ to keep the gravy train going. Even in our freedom fighter group there are blatant CRAVEN opportunists, devoid of a line of integrity and seemed to lack morality, and are in a sense money whores who cannot seem to get enough and they give back nothing, just pimp off the pain and suffering of COVID, talking a ‘smooth’ talk. You know who I mean. One is a health reporter and one is a bench pipetting scientist, that’s all he was, who packaged himself as a leader and way more than he ever was, yet is really a money whore.

The response was racialized, where minorities were sidelined and hurt the most. And no one cared in the laptop, zoom, café latte ‘walk the dog more, catch up on some reading’ class more.

Blacks and browns in the US, east Indians etc., punished by Fauci, Birx, Walensky, CDC, Biden administration yet illegals can cross the Southern border with no vaccine, nothing, just stroll across and get an Obama phone, social security and all the supports denied to lawful blacks in America. Why? When blacks put the sweat and toil into building America and IMP are optimal, better for the US, have given and now asked to stand in the back for illegal South Americans? In hospitals, getting care? This is pure madness by the Biden administration. Why? Because blacks waking up and getting off the democrat slave plantation where the democrats regard the negro as less than nothing, so now pivoted to Latinos? This is very very wrong! Where are their vaccine passports? Why should they come in and risk our lives? They have done nothing for America and can just come and get the benefits owed more to blacks?

I say this is very wrong!

We have to stand with black Americans and minorities who legally are entitled to the supports of the nation and not allow illegal persons to usurp their place. Not because of fairer skin color or vote. Today, we see the real impact of COVID how it has peeled back the layers of the beast.

Shame on the democrat party and their black congressional caucus, a bunch of ‘using’ pilfering deceitful black congressmen and women and senators who do nothing for blacks, nothing. Just dig into their pockets and enrich themselves. A half black POTUS Obama for 8 years whose uselessness and fraud was shown up in one year by POTUS Trump who did more for blacks than Obama did in 8 years, Obama and Biden, race pimpers they were and are.

We told them day 1, just strongly protect the high-risk vulnerable and allow the rest of society to live largely normal unfettered lives, reasonable precautions. But they did not listen. They had the evidence, Fauci et al. from us but locked us down harder and longer. They CDC and NIH never ever, led by Francis Collins, followed the science.

Tucker’s fungibility