"US FDA wants COVID boosters targeting Omicron BA.4, BA.5 subvariants"; these technocrat idiots, this morons have leant nothing from all the wrongs they have done & have no idea of viral-host dynamics

by Paul Alexander

FDA, CDC, NIH, HHS, NIAID should all be stripped to the studs, fire top 50 in each agency, investigate all their decisions, including FDA, NIH, CDC, NIAID directors (Francis Collins)

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday recommended COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers change the design of their booster shots beginning this fall to include components tailored to combat the currently dominant Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of the coronavirus.”


US FDA wants COVID boosters targeting Omicron BA.4, BA.5 subvariants

These idiots are coming with this new plan after we have shown them that key is”

1)you must reduce the infectious pressure; there is too much virus remaining in the environment after each wave and it is not coming down to baseline, thus we are not cutting the chain of transmission so will never get to herd immunity; we need antiviral chemoprophylaxis for the society, antivirals we always had and were urging

2)are these idiots at FDA etc. not grasping that by the time this retooled vaccine is rolled out, that there will be new dominant variants/clades and the vaccine will be akin to how it is now, ‘worthless’? Presently we are using vaccines based on the legacy Wuhan strain when we had Delta and Omicron circulating and Wuhan was long gone.

These bitches at NIH like Collins and Fauci at NIAID et al. had you vaccinating with a vaccine that could have never ever worked and they knew it. The vaccinal antibodies could not hit the omicron variants and they knew. This is why there was immune escape and vaccinated were getting infected. Moreover Yahi et al. has shown us the vaccinal antibodies are so worthless, they are dangerous, for they bind to the target spike antigen (receptor binding domain epitopes on the spike or N terminal domain epitopes) yet do not sterilize (neutralize) the virus and prevent infection. In fact, the binding of non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies enhances and facilitates infection in the vaccinee, called antibody dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI). There is also pressing original antigenic sin (OAS) where initial exposure imprinting, priming prejudices the subsequent exposure to the initial exposure antibody response, and thus Wuhan antibodies are recalled.

They have greatly disregarded and underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve and adapt to the pressure around it. They deal with this as if based only on the virus’s intrinsic properties and not the environmental pressure and the virus-host immune system interactions. A complex interplay. It is the non-neutralizing antibodies that is the key in this insanity, causing the damage.

3)And now FDA is moving forward on it’s ‘Future Framework’ bullshit garbage corrupted regulatory approach whereby it will use a bi-valent vaccine in the future (omicron spike and Wuhan spike). Once the future COVID vaccines are biologically similar etc., then there is automatic approval, no trials. Now tell me, they are going to approve a vaccine with the Wuhan spike that one year is gone now, worthless, and an Omicron spike that will in time also be displaced. How stupid are they?

4)Do they not get it that in changing the spike antigen target in the vaccine, to make antibodies to that retooled spike, that we will once again be vaccinating into a pandemic, in the midst of high infectious pressure, and with the omicron likely displaced or new clades on tap, then there will be sub-optimal immune pressure again on the spike that will continue to drive infectious variants? How stupid are they. This is what is happening now!

5)Why can’t they, with the vaccine failures now, use an age-risk stratified approach and only target high-risk persons? I say none of these vaccines, but why can’t they? Have they leant nothing?

We know even if this was of utility, they had hundreds of millions of doses of worthless vaccine so kept using it knowing it fails. Now talking ‘retool’. Fire them all!

They do not get it! Will fail again and actually drive humanity altering variants. Likely one that is infectious and lethal at the same time. These bitches know what they are doing. Something dark and malfeasant is at play here. I warn again, I warn again. Not your healthy children.