US People's Trucker CONVOY as it set to depart today from Mojave Adelanto California, I had just come off the stage with a massive thousands crowd, what love and energy, Kory and I; I share photos

by Paul Alexander

Dr. Paul Alexander's photos before and after delivering speech at send off of US trucker convoy in California, to drive across US to land in Maryland and DC; I wanted to give you a sense of today

The govn of Canada must end the emergency act, have too, all I said on stage as to the science was real, and I know it and the trucker is right.

I challenge any govn, any scientist, anyone to talk to me, bring 10,000 scientists to debate me, I will take you one, anyone….they are all flat wrong, they have no science.

I wanted to remind you of this important photo (well one of many) with these OPP police in downtown Ottawa days before the crackdown telling me they knew me, my talks in the media, my views and supported the truckers and were happy to be in the photos, though would not talk; but we spoke and these guys were beautiful police who understood the right to protest peacefully; remember, the truckers had to go to court and the judge ruled in the important ruling that they had the right to protest and could do so peacefully as long as they did not honk the horns at sleep and the like hours, that they gave some room and worked with the city…

Now to the US trucker convoy today as I spoke:

I had to acknowledge where the guts came from to start the US and we know the US knows how to do things (the love given to Pierre and I was unreal):


The crowd as I was speaking (Pierre Kory is my US partner, what a magnificent beautiful human being, steep intellect, Dr. Roger Hodkinson was my Canadian’s but I cannot replace Roger):


Pierre Kory and I with one of the best messages from a US trucker:

I wanted to give you an idea of the crowd:


Maybe the sweetest photo in the lot, this guy’s stance, the mighty US flag and his words on top his car greeted the trucks as the lined up in formation to depart the stadium; thousands of vehicles

US truckers lining up in formation to start the convoy, I just came off the stage

Pierre and I up on stage (he spoke ahead of me):


Pierre and I shaking hands and as you could imagine, many many of POTUS Trump’s supporters wanted to talk to me:

Huge praise for Canada and we got this sign to show the US truckers: