US transgender Admiral Rachel Levine & Deputy Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy Sam Brinton at the French Embassy at a Bastille Day reception. Should any nation take us seriously now?

by Paul Alexander

I am sorry, I can't...I just can't...look, I get that we can express ourselves how we wish but don't go trying to tell the world this is how the US looks...we are a laughing stock! What's the message?

I was in two minds but decided to share this and my view. I found it funny and so very extremely troubling all at once. Damaging to the US. For it begs a simple question: who the hell will take the US seriously? Is this the priority for the government?

Look, this is how I see things. Pardon me. We have islamist people in the Middle East daily trying to figure out other ways to blow us up and rape our women and put us in coffins. We have China building man-made islands in the Malaccan Straights and Spratly islands to aid in launching war on us one day, we have terrorists dressed as Latinos filtering in via the broken porous Southern borders. We have every terrorist subversive nation on this here God’s earth coming up through Mexico into the US illegally, yes, daily, rapists and murderers mixed in there too, yet you are obsessed, you the Biden administration, about sending these two to represent the United States at the French Embassy dance. You are fixated and deranged over finding ways to get 15 year old Johnny into our 8 year old daughter’s bathroom at school, deriving new ‘pronouns’, and mainstreaming transgender surgery for our ‘normal’ children. Yes, while the middle eastern islamists measure us for coffins, you are fixated on playing dress-up with our military. And you wonder why we cannot sleep at night and why Americans are buying guns and ammo legally and training as fast as shelves could stock them.

I am rarely lost for words! I do not know what the hell to say when I see this. Were these 2 a couple, at the Embassy dance? What are they trying to say or do here? Every action has an intended message. What is it here?

In the Biden administration, representing the US. What the hell would people think the moment these two pulled up to the dining room to be seated? What? The only thing more perplexing than this photo is the daily COVID Task Force clown car show we were treated to daily in the Trump administration.

Yes, I am all big on freedom and rights, knock yourself out! These 2 may be better human beings than me. But this is a whole load of garbage now. Nations do not take us seriously anymore when we do things like this. If I were in a high level meeting and these two pulled up, do you think I could take any of them seriously? It will take us 2 hours just to get over the attire and the whole situation. No meeting.

Can’t we stop this now please! Stop it! Just stop it! Oh Lord, I can’t take it!

Stop this with these men trying to be women! You are eff in up our children with this crap! Every time I thought I figured the world out, and things will be ok, each time I think I have things sorted out in my head, I go and see this kind of photo and need to go drink 4 whiskies fast!

Makes me know how eff ed up things are. At least dude on the right shaved his legs, well at least it looks so. Good grief! Actually he has more attractive legs than some women I know. I will give him props for that! Lia Thomas needs some advice from Sam on how to pull off the dress and heels.


“Week 4 On The Job: Champagne and Celebration with the French Ambassador in his residence for Bastille Day. (But also the amazing opportunity to connect with one of the only other transgender government officials, Admiral Levine – not gonna lie, it felt great to commiserate with a fellow trans person facing the hate.)” Brinton captioned the now made-private post on Instagram.”