USA, the great; but the governments now, can't protect our own borders, don't care about our electoral integrity, yet want to shed my blood for Ukraine? You care more for their borders? Why? How come?

by Paul Alexander

We kept poking Putin, what did you think he would do? You kept poking for war, well now you got it, and when Ukraine falls, you used this to cover up failed vaccine and COVID crimes; what next?

How did we go from COVID 24/7, to no COVID? Is the Nobel prize in order for Vlad given his role in bringing an end to COVID in a mere few hours. This is no joke. I know everything that CNN and FOX is reporting on Russia-Ukraine, is a lie. Propaganda now.

What will you do when Ukraine falls, the west, for you did this, as ruthless as he is, this did not need happen, so you kept poking him, for 15 years…he said don't fool around with his borders and his safety, but you could not leave it alone…you just had to pressure him about going on his door step yet expected him to sit back…now see what you did. And you are poking China now?

Why can't you address the crimes on our streets, our broken porous border that you caused, the high risk people pouring in, the dangerous drugs pouring in, the vicious and painful child trafficking at the border, the inflation you created, the devastation to the military with the Afghan pullout, the devastatingly utter garbage education our children get in schools (oh so now you are mad we parents got to see with the school closures, the pure junk being taught to our kids by you)…all of this is wrong and as we circle the drain, yet you want me to cry over a former part of the Soviet Union when there are parts of my nation that looks like an even greater war zone? Under you? When the price of gas just keeps going up and you have no solution? That you lied 100% for 2 years on COVID and you the same lying BS, lowlife media, the same corrupted rags, want us to believe you? Now? Gimme a beak. On a nation that is considered one of the most corrupted globally? Where connected people’s children and buddies go to get bogus contracts and hold senior posts in oil and gas yet have zero skill in the sector? No doubt this is brutal and wrong, but we have serious issues on our home front.