USA Truck Convoy starting at California today Wednesday 23rd February 2022; I am asked to speak to the truckers on stage as they begin the convoy; I am on the ground in Mojave with them

by Paul Alexander

See some initial photos and some interviews as I arrived at the congregating stadium in Mojave California; Dr. Pierre Kory (FLCCC is with me, UNITY project also)

This is Dan as he sat in the convoy initial line rolling into the gathering area, this huge staging area I think near the desert area…let me say, I did not know, it was about - 5 there, I could not believe how cold it was, I thought I was back in Ottawa

Two on the USA core truckers as we met in an RV to have some interviews as was cold…

Myself, Jeff Hanson (UNITY) and Dr. Pierre Kory as we went to interview

Some USA truckers of the ‘People’s Convoy’ grabbing some grub from inside from the cold as the trucks began to gather