"Uvalde police never even tried to open classroom doors during school shooting: report"; I support the blue first, but this set of officers tarnished the blue; I have written here before, we may learn

by Paul Alexander

...that these children, this particular set, were not worth the risk & all indications thus far show 'THESE' police had no intent of risking their lives even knowing the kids had no defense

You cannot tell me, 19 police with flak jackets and weapons stood outside a classroom with defenseless kids inside, hearing gun shots, and did nothing….you cannot in any situation make a case for any logical person to believe. These kids were not worth it. The question is why? Why? We may not want to learn. That too I have my thoughts but wait for more details but look now, they did not even bother to check. So the prior reports that the door was closed was a lie. Not even that was a reason to not breach, but that too was a lie.

I support the blue first, always and will always. These officers should have been suspended and then fired. No investigation can clean this up. They should be fired and the lead commanding officer who did not know he was in command and he did not even carry his radio to communicate in the response, should be fired.

Police are the pinnacle of society. No question. I love them and their sacrifices. We must get to the bottom here to understand why.

If I was driving and saw a cop under attack, I WILL stop and help and defend them. No question.


Uvalde police never even tried to open classroom doors during school shooting: report

“For 77 minutes, Uvalde police officers stood by as accused gunman Salvador Ramos rampaged through Robb Elementary School, killing 19 students and two teachers. New surveillance footage reportedly shows that those sworn to serve and protect didn’t even bother wiggling the door handle to get into the classroom.”