Uvalde, Texas, elementary school shooting & police; you may not like my view but its my view now today; IMO, it was fear by police, they were scared, BUT they decided purposely to NOT help those kids

by Paul Alexander

We know there were police who rescued their own children by reports; I think something very terrible was at play & for reasons we will learn, the police felt the kids were not worth saving

I love the police and the blue are my heroes and the military. I will defend them all day long.

It's important to talk this out for much of it is nonsensical. We all can have our views and respectfully debate this for we need to know what happened here. In the end, 19 cops stood by and 19 kids died and 2 adults. Now the chief cop is saying he did not know he was the commander and he did not carry his radio as it would have slowed him down. He needs to stfu. He makes no sense.

Something does not sound right and I hope and pray that there were not other nefarious motivating factors here to cause these 19 police to do nothing for that one hour. One hour changed everything.

This situation is different. This school was at the border. These kids likely were offspring of border immigrants. This statement by me must be prefaced by the fact that I do not support illegal crossing into the US or the like as I want legal immigration and lawful ‘vetted’ people to enter who will do good by the US. Non-criminals and they come even at plane entry. Not only at the border. It’s why you vet and screen and check via a functional immigration system. You must have a border as a nation. And protect it. I know there are people who need help and leave desperate situations and if you fit to the laws and rules and the programs and categories in the US then you are welcomed to try but via a structured legal immigrant process. Even for refugees. Not because tens of thousands, millions show up at the border means we take them in.

But it is known that bad people are using the southern borders to breach the US and bring in drugs and evil intent e.g. Islamic extremism, crime….. with that aside and my view on immigration at the border, however, these are innocent children who needed the same protections that any other child needed. Something does not smell right here. I am hoping I am fully wrong but my mind works in twisted ways to try to understand. I am hurt to say what I just said but we have to put that on the table and if this, or 5% of what I just said or is intimating is true, then this was even more catastrophic than it was. Were these children ignored or sidelined because of where this took place and who they potentially were? Was there bias by the police? Was it due to the police and not the kids? I know police IMO are good and I know police would help any child, even if illegal or the like. Again, I support blue first.

But these are a different bunch it seems. They did not operate properly. I do not know and still we may find out even crazier aspects, and we may learn but at this point, what the police did here just does not make sense and I am very angered that they have not been suspended as the investigation ensues. At least suspend or administrative leave.

If the PGA can suspend golfers who play in Saudi Arabia, then this police department can suspend these police for this was not a failed traffic chase, this is 19 dead children.

I can understand the fear and sheer terror that was felt by the police given that they could hear the gun shots beside them in the adjoining room. They were scared too of their life too. They should be. However, everybody who joins the police force knows that each time that they step out onto the beat or to do their job, is a risk for their safety and their life. Its the job and task. We however cannot condemn people for being fearful to do their job. However, if this is the case, it would be best suited for them to find another job. People rely on the police to come to their aid in circumstances such as this, not to stand at the sidelines and do nothing. Policing is not a spectator sport.

Those 19 police were to override any command to stand down. Those on the other side of the door were defenseless and begging for help. The police had all on their side, the odds were on their side.

So this begs the question, was there something else at play other than fear? That’s why I ask. Has to be. Was it that they decided that for some reason, while it was ok for a police officer to go in and save his own kids, it was not ok the same to go in and try to save some of these children. Reports are that many, most ‘bled’ out and could have lived if the police entered. The police had bullet proof vests on. They had guns. It was 19 of them yet not one, NOT one could muster up the strength to go in? Are you saying the commander could tell all 19 to stand down and they would know kids are being slaughtered and do nothing?