Uvalde Texas parents begging police to rush in, begging to be allowed to rush in themselves, and when you watch this video, it angers you; something very very wrong happened here! police FAILED!

by Paul Alexander

Why did they not rush in? This was not a hostage situation, this was ACTIVE shooting, there was no time to wait, they had to go on and we know now, police were in the building and outside, not acting

I do not want 2nd touched. I am a fierce defender of the 2nd amendment. IMO. Mitch McConnell, typical RINO plays politics again (Mitch McConnell Urges GOP to Work with Democrats on Gun Control Legislation).

But at the same time, we have to find a way to keep weapons out of the hands of deranged sick craven people. We need stronger background checks and stronger red flags laws etc. We have to tighten up. I do not just mean for disturbed 18 year olds. I mean all demented people who could do devastating harm. I think we can ensure rights and not get bogged down in a ‘confiscation’ argument and stalemate if we decide to for once have a legitimate sensible debate.

Also, does not preclude me/us from looking at the disaster here and how catastrophic the response was.

Very very serious questions now emerge and I do not know how parents will ever get over this. They cannot!

My understanding is parents had to go to the morgue to identify their children. The damage was that big.

My issue is with all that time, children were bleeding out, the police HAD to rush in! What happened to the police in the building with him, the shooter? This is the confusing part. If this is true, this is troubling. What were they doing?

If there were police inside the building with the shooter for over one hour, then this is very very problematic.

“But the first police officers did not arrive on the scene until 12 minutes after the crash and did not enter the school to pursue the shooter until four minutes after that. Inside, they were driven back by gunfire from Ramos and took cover, Escalon said.”

Stop right here!!!! This is what is very troubling for if as this is reported in AP, then we had officers INSIDE the building with the shooter but they took cover. I get that, but for the next hour or so, as police were outside preventing parents from entering and they themselves not entering, what were the police inside who ‘took cover’ doing? 19 children were then slaughtered…were they just hunkering down awaiting backup? This is so troubling. They were inside. If there were 4 of you and you rushed him or went at him from inside for you were inside, and lets say 2 of you were killed but that allowed 17 children to survive, then that would be a successful operation. As it stands, we have police outside and police inside and a gunman then killed 21 people????? It is your job to be in there and to go at the shooter. I just do not get this!

I will protect and defend police all day long. The best among us. But when there is a failure, we cannot pretend, we must be honest and dispassionate. I must confess, I am stunned, shocked, horrified! At the same time we have to have compassion for the police for they went in there to see dead children and a horrific scene and it must be very difficult too for them today. So we have to have decency to the families and compassion and we must not denigrate the police. In fact we were not there. But some things just do not make sense and if it was due to serious errors or fog of war and the like and panic and confusion, we need to understand to fix this. It could be that they felt they did not know how many shooters and felt they were outgunned?...that they were concerned for own safety??? if what I wrote is 10% true, that is crazy in itself. I will not say there was any nefarious move on their part. No!

But if you need to teach law enforcement how to NEVER ever react and respond to a mass shooting, then based on what we are seeing, you use this video and this response. It is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight we pray again!

Gut-wrenching video showing desperate parents trying to get away to go save their kids as police restrain them and walked around, and why would police have tasers out? For anxious parents?:

Desperate parents

How did the shooter know the side door was unlocked? Why were there police in the building 4 minutes after he entered and what were they doing? Forget those outside, there were police in the building we are told. What were they doing for the one hour the police outside waited….? So there were police outside preventing the parents from rushing in and not doing anything for one hour, while there were also some police inside for an hour? If true, something devastating happened here. We need to know. Why would they need to pin down a parent? To stop him from rushing in? To save his baby? But you did nothing! I am so torn up by what is being reported and we have to be fair for we are watching but what is emerging is damaging. They failed! Yet as far as I know, there was enough learning from Columbine on why they had to rush in first on the scene, no waiting.

Elena Mendoza, 18, grieves in front of a cross honoring her cousin, Amerie Jo Garza, one of the victims killed in this week's elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Thursday, May 26, 2022. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)