Vaccinated & unvaccinated (with COVID gene injection) persons had NO difference in viral load or transmission potential, we knew this early on, warned CDC & FDA but WONT listen; Riemersma et al.

by Paul Alexander

This study (among others) showed us clearly there was infectious virus at similar rates and titers in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals; NO vaccine mandates were EVER needed; for your library


Researchers compared data from 20,431 test-positive anterior nasal swab specimens from fully vaccinated (n = 9,347) or unvaccinated (n=11,084) individuals tested during the interval 28 June – 1 December 2021 when Delta variants were predominant.

They found no significant effect of vaccine status alone on cycle count (Ct) value, ‘nor when controlling for vaccine product or sex.’ When they looked at (tested) a subset of low-Ct (<25) samples, researchers ‘detected infectious virus at similar rates, and at similar titers, in specimens from vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.’

‘These data indicate that vaccinated individuals infected with Delta variants are capable of shedding infectious SARS-CoV-2 and could play a role in spreading COVID-19.’

These results have been stable across the roll-out of the COVID gene injection e.g. for omicron etc. Did the news e.g. CNN or CBC or FOX or anyone tell you this? Did Fauci or Tam tell you this? Did anyone tell you that there was never any basis for the vaccine mandates? The mask madness when the masks themselves have never ever worked to curb transmission. Did you know of this? Likely you grew to know on your own for ‘you’ who read substacks and material like this are very smart folk and critical thinking. You read and listen broadly and deeply and it is inspiring. You saw through the bull quite early on and the lies and fraud and moved to protect yourself and your children.

We have millions of people (hundreds of millions), especially key people like our military and police, our boarder agents, front line people in a society, running around with a vaccine inside of them (and vaccine injured at some level) and we do not know how to turn off because the people who did this, who made this will not tell us what must be done. How to switch it off for it is the relentless translation of spike protein from the mRNA encapsulated in the lipid nano particles (LNP) (lipid fatty transport vehicular balls) that is the problem, very inflammatory and key to serious cascades of events. The focus has to be on stopping the mode of action of the mRNA and LNP and spike protein (and informing the public on that and using knowledge to reverse this) yet we have people more interested in raising money and the camera. Is there an ‘off’ switch? Can people rid themselves of the spike? Can the mRNA be turned off from it’s action? Why has this not been the focus of debate and action? Why not inform people of the key issues.

This is the tragedy of the life we have lived for 3 years now. We have health agencies and governments and pharma and seemingly dangerous people that have failed us and abused us, subjecting us to scientifically bereft and societally disastrous devastating lockdown policies. They caused our deaths, yet in the movements and people who are part of some form of resistance, some have used the pain and suffering for benefit and have not benefitted the people hurt by this, in any manner. That is the tragedy. This must stop.

Bottom line of this research paper is:

There never was and is no difference between someone who is vaccinated and someone who is not, in terms of viral load in nasal-pharyngeal passages, and thus both, vaccinated and unvaccinated were and are capable of spreading COVID virus.

You did good, real good withstanding the pressure to take the fraud gene shot.

None of it, none, no vaccine was ever needed. Not carte blanche and not without proper informed consent.