VACCINATING children can be disastrous to their INNATE immunity; vaccinal Abs can suppress INNATE Abs; children are then defenseless to pathogen; OMICRONS's resistance to vaccinal Abs is a 'gift'

by Paul Alexander

We may destroy the innate immunity in our children if we vaccinate them and it is reckless and dangerous that Pfizer and Moderna and CDC and NIH are discounting this potential when no vax is needed

“Many are asking why do we not require a test at the end of the five days of isolation for those who are infected.  We know that PCR testing would not be helpful in this setting, as people can remain PCR positive for up to 12 weeks after infection and long after they are transmissible and infectious.” 

Who made this statement?

Why, none other than Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director. This was the kill shot. I do not think she was smart enough to understand what she did. She spoke the truth but killed the goose that was laying her golden eggs for the last year…she killed COVID in its tracks on December 29th 2021 when she said this (

So how many of the millions of positive tests were actually positive, since this insanity began? We know that cycle count thresholds (Ct) above 24 denotes viral dust and fragments and not infectious virus. Yet CDC and elsewhere over cycled to 40 and above. Above 35 had a 97% false positive rate.

Now to the present offering. The FDA’s decision today to authorize children 12-15 years old to be vaccinated can be catastrophic. We may kill thousands with the vaccines. Be warned.

I wish to deal with this topic by focusing on the INNATE immune system that is often overlooked as we often focus on NATURAL immunity and vaccine immunity.

The two key arguments are that i) vaccinal antibodies can suppress or subvert the innate antibodies of the fist line of immune defense, this being innate immune system and this can leave one defenseless e.g. children depend on their innate immunity and specifically innate antibodies to protect against a broad array of pathogen and ii) by omicron being resistant to vaccinal antibodies, then the vaccinal antibodies cannot outcompete the innate antibodies and thus the innate antibodies are ‘set free’

Where do I begin? I decided to cover this topic briefly as it is very interesting and mainly to get you to be aware that the INNATE immune system and especially in children, is very important. Critically important, and often disregarded but maybe has an even more important role.

INNATE immunity in conjunction with NATURAL immunity is our way out of this emergency (Delta/Omicron, any variants) or similar: INNATE immunity, often overlooked and discounted as to its potent role, is our 1st line of defense and critical for optimal NATURAL immunity. Yes, they go hand in hand and work in an overlapping manner with no clear distinction, IMO. Some would argue that to damage the INNATE, one can then never ever get to herd immunity, especially if we accept that its role is to tamp down the virus for the acquired/adaptive system to finish off. This is simplistic but this is the argument.

Yet we may severely damage the innate immunity of our children and place them in a catastrophic situation with these vaccines. The vaccines are permanent and can cause irreversible damage to our children and their INNATE immune system and Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, and Bourla are not telling you the truth. These 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They are not telling you that they themselves do not know the potential short, medium, and long-term risks because they failed to study it as they should have and the FDA as our prinicpal regulator, has failed to mandate that they do. All players involved in the vaccine development have had liability removed and are fully protected if your child is harmed or dies! I say demand liability protection be removed, no liability = no trust.

So some background:

1) We often only hear about NATURAL IMMUNITY (acquired or adaptive natural immunity) and vaccinal immunity; but there is a key compartment called the INNATE immunity and it is the 1st line of defense; it is what protects young persons and children who are ‘antigen inexperienced’ and thus must come already with this type of immunity so that they are protected against a host of environmental pathogen; they will develop ‘long-lived’ immunological memory (acquired or adaptive natural immunity) in time as they are exposed and recover, but need something to protect them as they come; thankfully, INNATE is the protection

2) You must understand, the vaccines have failed on Delta and Omicron! I believe you understand this now. Near complete. I say the vaccines are completely failed and NEVER worked! I do not know how else to say it! These vaccines were never made to stop infection or transmission, or to reduce hospitalization or death. Just to moderate mild to more moderate symptoms of COVID. Period! These vaccines do not sterilize the virus and do not confer sterilizing (neutralizing antibody) immunity. This is a huge problem and leaves one to ask, why would CDC and NIH and vaccine developers bring this vaccine in the first place? You can never EVER end or calm the pandemic with non-sterilizing non-neutralizing vaccines; you only end the pandemic if you break the chain of transmission and these vaccines do not stop transmission, hell, the FDA and vaccine developers told us this and you saw it in the Barnstable outbreak in Massachusetts (

3) The virus lands in the respiratory tract (nasopharynx/mucosal/mucus barrier or layer) and hangs out there a bit and thus antigen and antibodies are needed there. We have strong evidence now there are potent virucidal nasal and oral washes (povidone-iodine or hydrogen peroxide or even sodium hypochlorite) that kills the virus after it lands on the mucosal layer. Decontamination of the nose and mouth with direct virucidal therapies/washes is very effective. People breath it in (virus), it settles in the nose and it begins to replicate and it has to arrive at a certain threshold to overcome other pathogen in the nose and our own immune system to become a clinical infection. There is a 3 to 5 days window to kill the virus directly. Note, these blue surgical masks and white cloth masks etc. are ineffective and have never worked and are even harmful. Put a pin in that for a moment.

Point is there are many substances that can kill the virus in the nose and mouth and dentists use dilute sodium hypochlorite (sssshhhhh, very diluted bleach), povidone iodine (betadine), and hydrogen peroxide. The virus can be shut down fully in the nose with nasal and oral washes. We are saying that this is the main and lead approach e.g. dilute povidone iodine, half a teaspoon in a shot glass, 1.5 cc water, bulb syringe, squirt up into the nose, sniff it back, gargle, spit it out. Gargle with the rest (it can be bitter so dilute and do not swallow). Twice a day and as part of hygiene. Once you are exposed in congregate settings, apply this as it will dramatically reduce your risk, every 4 hours. Virus is basically killed and you can take a potentially severe illness and tamp it down to a very mild illness.

Our Saliva, tears, and mucus collectively make up the mucosal barrier. It is here in the mucosal barrier that the immune response begins. The slimy surface of the mucosal barrier (in your mouth/oral/digestive and nasal pharyngeal, respiratory) is very important since every pathogen or particle or anything that gains entrance to the respiratory tract lands on this mucosal surface. The mucosal layer is already set and ready to respond immunologically by the time virus lands on it. The point is that the vaccine provokes an immune response with antibodies that enter the bloodstream systemically (circulatory antibodies) and we are unaware how these COVID vaccines and the systemic immune response hits the respiratory mucosal layer. This is important to understand for we need the antigen and immune response in the respiratory tract first and if this is functional, the invading pathogen could be stopped dead in its tracks right there.

4)A bit more on innate. INNATE immunity is broad, potent, robust, has no memory (though innate antibodies can be trained/learn), has low-affinity to antigens and non-specific; will generally be of high antibody titers and works viciously against pathogen, ruthless, and can sterilize pathogen (prevents infection and if infected, can kill the infected cells using innate antibodies and natural killer NK cells, and there are other components to innate immunity); INNATE’s job if it functions well, is to stop pathogen from breaching the 1st line that would then need the acquired/adaptive natural immunity response (also using antibodies, memory B-cells, memory T-cells, NK cells etc.); the purist will say there is no clear demarcation of the two systems and I would agree. I am explaining this how I understand it yet I am doing so in a very basic rudimentary manner to get the basics across and introduce INNATE. I am not being exhaustive limited by space too.

5) The key is that children, young people, have quite strong innate immune responses and are naturally protected and if they are exposed with COVID virus, it will boost their natural innate immunity; so they should not have been locked down and schools closed; young people can rely on good innate immunity; however, in elderly persons innate immunity wanes, as persons get older, non-specific innate immunity gets replaced by antigen-specific immunity as persons get older and I agree, these persons must be protected and we always called for this

6) As to composition, innate immunity (or 1st line of defense) is comprised of the skin, mucous and mucosal epithelium or barrier (lines respiratory and digestive tract beginning from the top of the nose and mouth), immune cells such as natural killer cells and molecular mediators such as cytokines, interleukins etc. PAMPs, PRRs, and TLRs are all part of this discussion but we will discuss those another time. Important now is for us to get a 50,000 foot view on some key concepts as it relates to damage of the innate immune system.

7) This seminal study by Föhse et al. has shown that BNT162b2 mRNA (Pfizer) vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 (which is a single-stranded mRNA virus) reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses. These results are very troubling as it reveals the vaccine is driving complex functional reprogramming of innate immune responses.  This results in immune system dysregulation and derangement. The dysregulation of the innate immune system in children could leave them defenseless to COVID virus as well as other viruses (latent).

The key findings in the Föhse et al. manuscript raises serious questions and authors even commented that the reprograming “may contribute to a diminished innate immune response towards the virus…in conclusion, the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine induces complex functional reprogramming of innate immune responses, which should be considered in the development and use of this new class of vaccines.”

These reported findings indicate that mRNA vaccines are potentially causing immune system dysregulation for both the acquired system and the innate immune system. Here is our concern for the vaccine developers did not study the vaccine for the proper duration of time so as to ‘exclude harms’ (this harm and similar/other). We are also seeing a surge in latent viral infections and adverse events post vaccine in young persons and children, reported to the CDC’s VAERS vaccine system. Dr. Ryan Cole has argued that the derangement impacts the cellular immunity (T-cell) and the vaccines also impacts natural immunity, with a rise in cancers that the natural killer (NK) T-cell and CD 8+ T-cells work to tamp down. NK cells are critical to immunity as they stave off viruses and cancers. We must never ever use these untested and unneeded vaccines in our children.

Recent research (August 2021) by Loske deepens our understanding of this natural type biological/molecular protection even further by showing that pre-activated (primed) antiviral innate immunity in the upper airways of children work to control early SARS-CoV-2 infection…resulting in a stronger early innate antiviral response to SARS-CoV-2 infection than in adults.”

Yale University report (Yale and Albert Einstein College of Medicine report Sept. 18, 2020 in the journal Science Translational Medicine) indicates that children and adults display very diverse and different immune system responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection which helps understanding why they have far less illness or mortality from COVID. “Since the earliest days of the COVID-19 outbreak, scientists have observed that children infected with the virus tend to fare much better than adults…researchers reported that levels of two immune system molecules — interleukin 17A (IL-17A), which helps mobilize immune system response during early infection, and interferon gamma (INF-g), which combats viral replication — were strongly linked to the age of the patients. The younger the patient, the higher the levels of IL-17A and INF-g, the analysis showed…these two molecules are part of the innate immune system, a more primitive, non-specific type of response activated early after infection.”

8) These COVID vaccines were prophylactic (prevention) vaccines and these must have never been given to persons during the height of a pandemic; when there is elevated infectious pressure; in essence, you are loading your weapon as you are preparing for battle and you cannot optimally fight, and can be overwhelmed; so while mounting the immune response, you are attacked by the virus and this is what is meant by a ‘sub-optimal immune response’; if the immune response is sub-optimal when there is infectious pressure, you are at risk for immune escape; you must never ever mass vaccinate during a pandemic, when there is massive infectious pressure, while sub-optimal non-neutralizing, non-sterilizing vaccines are used and building sub-optimal vaccinal antibodies and thus sub-optimal immune pressure back onto the virus; so while the immune response (antibodies) is mounting and thus not fully mature, it is being attacked by virus and this intersecting pressure will drive evolutionary adaptation and cause natural selection to ‘select’ the ‘fittest’ variant to move forward (most infectious variant)

It is akin to antibiotics that creates superbugs; so if the antibiotic do not match with the bacteria, then there could be resistance; similar here, and so the question surrounds a good match with the antibodies, and we know that the current variants are different from the original strain; we place the antibodies in a sub-optimal situation being attacked by very highly infectious variants and this will promote immune escape; you drive immune escape

9) The innate immune system can be argued to play as large or even larger role than natural immunity in arriving at herd immunity. The hypothesis is that if you damage innate immunity, then natural immunity will be hobbled to an extent. How can I/we theorize on this? Well, at the core is vaccinating children and the impact that could have on suppressing or subverting the innate antibodies. Some argue that it is an ‘outcompeting’ for the antigen by the vaccinal antibodies, that are highly antigen-specific, unlike the low-affinity, non-specific innate antibodies. Some argue that by Omicron presently being resistant to the vaccinal antibodies, then the antibodies cannot compete with the innate antibodies for the antigen/spike and so the innate antibodies are now ‘set free’. The innate antibodies are no longer ‘outcompeted’ and thus can play a role in herd immunity.

At this point I wish to share that I/we have been in ongoing discussions with the globe’s top virologists and immunologists and I also want to share some input from Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. I wish to credit him for some of this input that I share. He is incredibly brilliant and the top of the game.

10)The more that variants are different from one another, then the more trained INNATE immunity is responsible for cross-protection. Innate antibodies (Abs) have very broad coverage and protection and the innate immune cells secreting those adapt to the different stimuli to which the host get exposed. The contention is that with repeated exposure during a pandemic, then this will contribute to enhanced training of innate IgM-secreting B cells. Geert explains that “this builds the basis for a broadly protective first line of immune defense that is able to deal with all kinds of different variants. This protection is likely to be the key pillar of protection, especially during a pandemic of continuously evolving more infectious variants.”

When there is highly infectious variants such as omicron, the INNATE Abs may not be successful in capturing all of the virions quickly enough to stop viral entry into the cell. Geert explains that the latter occurs “in a very effective way.” In other words, and which I find fascinating, is that the INNATE Abs (immune system) handles the peak of viral load. What does this mean? Well, then it may mean that where/when ever the virus breaks through the INNATE immune defense, enough of the peak load is dealt with and blunted, the edge is taken off and Geert describes this as “the course of the disease is mild as acquired, highly specific Abs arrive in time to abrogate the infection caused by that specific variant.” In other words, here is where what I was saying earlier applies in that these two immune compartments, INNATE and NATURALLY acquired/adaptive immune systems, work hand in hand and not distinctly, in that INNATE has blunted the initial viral peak and the NATURAL acquired then comes in to mop up the operation. “Indeed, and it may even be possible that the acquisition of this type of protective adaptive immunity occurs rather  ‘smoothly’ (without causing severe disease), precisely because of a robust first line of innate immune defense. In case of Omicron, both contribute to generating herd immunity.”

“We should not forget that innate immunity remains the single most important pilar in fighting a diversified spectrum of CoV variants and that its capacity to do so only grows with continuing exposure. So, what we may consider a cross-protective effect is more likely a broadly protective effect provided by a continued adaptation (training) of innate immune cells.”

We are unsure if omicron easily breaches the innate immune defense and actually, the resistance to vaccinal Abs would set free the relevant innate Abs and therefore account for why most of infections are mild (or even asymptomatic).

The unvaccinated (who meanwhile got the opportunity to train their innate immune system due to repeated exposure) clear Omicron without any symptoms (or at most very mild). “Remember that we call the innate immune system the 1st line of immune defense. Even if it cannot remove all of the virus in case of high infectious pressure, it makes sure that the bulk of the virus gets cleared before an adaptive immune response is mounted. This is critical, because in that way the mounting Abs cannot exert immune pressure on the virus and hence, there is no risk of viral immune escape. That’s why innate and adaptive immunity do not occur simultaneously but in sequence. It also explains why viruses (or other infectious pathogens) that are prone to causing high infectious pressure (e.g., measles or any other infectious pathogens that easily cause epidemics) should be countered by prophylactic vaccines as they will always break through the innate immune barrier…

However, the more your innate immune system gets trained (and a  pandemic offers an unique opportunity to do so), the lower the likelihood that the virus will break thru this barrier and hence, the lower the likelihood that you’ll end up with some kind of disease symptoms. Again, Omicron’s resistance to S-directed Abs is setting free innate immune Abs and may be the reason why the course of Omicron infections is that mild (note: breakthrough infections are likely to lead to training of innate IgM-secreting B memory cells, regardless of the symptomatology). However, if it is true that relevant innate IgM-secreting B cells cannot benefit from training following repeated viral exposure, then one would expect symptoms to be less mild in vaccinees.”