Vaccinating pregnant mother is vaccinating child in utero, neonate: warning, COVID vaccine induced antibodies passively transferred to neonates may subvert, damage natural innate antibobies from being

by Paul Alexander

'educated', 'trained'; neonates may be passively immunized to SARS-CoV-2 infection & the high-affinity vaccinal antibodies can outcompete infant's innate antibodies for antigen; Thalidomide, DES?

Remember, the mRNA technology Moderna and Pfizer technology based gene injections are harming and killing adults etc. and elderly. Do you not think it will do same to developing babies and neonates and infants in utero as to damage to vascular endothelial cells etc.? Cross blood-brain barrier? Likely inducing bleeding and clotting (VITT), brain bleeds, strokes etc.?? What do you think if the vaccine induced antibodies from mother breach the placenta and enter the child’s circulation?

How could the vaccine makers and health care officials and medical doctors and governments who are supposed to protect us, protect pregnant women and child, have gone along with this very unsafe, untested vaccine? They IMO, are and were and still are criminals and I want them investigated and many penalized financially and imprisoned and I want to place the death penalty on the table if legal judges and court rooms say it is warranted for the needless COVID lockdown lunatic policies and deadly vaccine.

You cannot discount this risk to enter breast milk and cross placenta and breach blood-brain barrier, blood-lung barrier etc. These risks are not just theoretical.

It does cross. What do you think will happen? Is child in utero and neonate, newborn at heightened risk of severe outcomes? Death?

I say 100% yes! Pregnant women must understand this risk to their developing child.

Remember, the infant (at about 6 months as maternal antibodies wane) and child’s innate immune system (that they come with pre-activated hard-wired so to speak) is broadly protective, low-affinity, low specificity for target antigens, naive, still developing and rudimentary, but potent enough to handle pathogen yet to do this, it must be educated on how to recognize the virus (based on cell surface glycans, proteins, sugars, molecules etc.) and handle it and thus must BIND to virus first as part of this training. A sort of ‘molecular’ education and training, virus binding sites to innate antibody. The subversion of innate antibody training (as well as natural killer cells that are cytolytic (NK) education) in which innate antibodies are outcompeted by the highly specific, high affinity vaccine induced antibodies for the target antigen (and thus subversion or suppressing of the binding and training) can leave the child’s immune system unable to handle

1)pathogen it is confronted with now e.g. COVID virus


2)other glycosilated viruses it will confront in the future (with sugars and glycans and similar surface features)

3)distinguising ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ components of the child (including nunaces such as ‘self mimicking, self-like etc.; remember the infected cell cloaks itself with surface molecules etc. making exterior similar to host cell; I explain this in a rudimentary manner here but this is the main message such that the child’s innate immune system (natural innate antibodies and natural killer cells (NK cells) has a key window of opportunity for training and education that if it is breached cannot be redone and the child then is susceptible to future pathology from glycosilated pathogen it could have routinely handled as well as auto-reactivity, auto-immune disorders; note, I remain a disciple of GVB, Van Bossche and I have developed vast immunology knowledge (though I am no expert I argue) from him, a giant, not recognized for his prowess in this field yet he is the top vaccinologist, immunologist, virologist) and as such the child will be susceptibe to future sever illness and auto-immune pathology.


‘At birth, antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein were detected in 81.9% of mothers' sera, 78.9% of cord blood samples, and 63.2% of milk samples. Symptomatic women had higher antibody titers (IgG, IgM, and IgA) than the asymptomatic ones (P < 0.05). At six months postpartum, IgG levels decreased drastically in children's serum (P < 0.001) but remained high in mothers' serum. Antibody titers correlated positively with its capacity to inhibit the ACE2-spike protein interaction at baseline in maternal sera (R2 = 0.203; P < 0.001), cord sera (R2 = 0.378; P < 0.001), and milk (R2 = 0.564; P < 0.001), and at six months in maternal sera (R2 = 0.600; P < 0.001).

Conclusions: High antibody levels against SARS-CoV-2 spike protein were found in most pregnant women. Due to the efficient transfer of IgG to cord blood and high IgA titers in breast milk, neonates may be passively immunized to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Our findings could guide newborn management and maternal vaccination policies.’