Ventilators killed tens of thousands of our innocent parents and grand parents who would be alive today! COVID ventilators killed! Who gave the guidance? Was it China? Based on NO study? Who convinced

by Paul Alexander

Trump that the ventilators was the key ingredient? What was done with mechanical ventilators and COVID was a devastating failure and was this an example of China's 'controlled opposition'?

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Opposition from the inside that is really causing you great harm. And you fell for it. We need the mechanical ventilator failure investigated and to see who did this, and who benefitted financially. For this was, with the lockdown lunacy, denial of early treatment, and the fraud COVID gene injection vaccine, one of the several catastrophic policies that killed thousands.

Needlessly. People need to pay for this madness, no riding off into the sunset. We need prison for many people involved with the COVID response. It was ineptness compounded by criminal negligence, reckless decisions.