Vinay is wrong IMO (minute 17.45), love him greatly, very smart scientist, I am a huge fan, wrong in saying that the first 2 doses had a huge effect in reducing infection and severe disease; we have

by Paul Alexander

never had that data and Pfizer and Moderna witheld 3000 subjects that would have reduced the 95% Relative risk reduction to below the 50% threshold; the trials were flawed, fraud

We have no clinical trial (especially for children and pregnant women) for the proper follow-up duration, sample size, outcome event size etc. to show the vaccines reduced hospitilization, ICU, death and all observational studies were plagued by residual confounding, did not control for early treatment, healthy user vaccinee effect, natural immunity, improved health treatment across time, co-morbidities etc. So I have no idea why Vinay can say this yet preface with the boosters were not supported by the evidence. Right on boosters but wrong on first 2 doses.

Love you Vinay but I disagree fully on first 2 doses. I am talking epidemiologically and the data here. We can disagree and will discuss anytime about this. These fraud shots, mRNA technology especially failed out of the gate, negative efficacy and effectiveness and harmful, deadly. It is key that we disagree too and we debate scientifically. Not sue, debate.


I stand with Kennedy here.