'Vivek Ramaswamy: I Would Pardon Trump — ‘Clearly a Politicized Persecution’'; IMO Vivek is correct, it's political persecution of Trump BUT if Vivek stated this asserting '45' is guilty so he would

by Paul Alexander

need pardon him, WRONG, means a presumption of guilt; were Clintons, Obama, Bush, Biden charged for same?; Vivek's policy train derailed with illegal alien 'skilled' labor support; clean it up!



I am not happy with these statements especially on using labor from outside America for in the end, Americans always get shafted and if he wants Presidency, he must protect American jobs FIRST. Not big business.


‘He continued, “I would pardon him. I intend to be our next president, and yes, I do believe I will move us forward. I believe one of the right ways to do that is pardon the former president of the United States from what is clearly a politicized persecution.”

I think that the general norm in our Justice Department is you should not convict somebody of a process crime when there was no actual underlying crime.”

Hunt asked, “So you think destroying evidence is a process crime?”

Ramaswamy said, “I think it is y definition a process crime. Nobody left, right, any legal scholar will agree with me on that statement. that is by definition a process crime. A crime that would not have existed but for the existence of an investigation.”’