Voting is a pillar of American democracy & a constitutional right that undeniably needs to be protected & preserved for 'citizens' of this country; it is pure madness, which SANE nation would do this?

by Paul Alexander

Only in Washington DC and this is MADNESS, why would they give people who broke the law to begin with, the same rights as a legal citizen? What is the value added in this? Beginning of the end of US?

I think so and the leftist freaks are hell bent on destroying America, hollowing it out. This is why we need Trump back in the beast of DC to burn it down to the studs figuratively (for you woke nut bags out there), take it down to the very studs and rebuild it, start jailing many in DC, serious jail time. Investigate them with real outcomes, not the republican dog and pony show. Trump needs to take all alphabet health agencies down to the studs. Dismantle them, fire most for they are corrupt and inept. Rebuild.

This voting move by DC will spell disaster for in there, these ‘voters’ are rapists and murderers, yes, many good people, but as I said, there are rapists and murderers among the good, many, and they will rape and murder right there in DC. Sit back. You will now be raped and murdered by illegals who got the same voting rights as you.


Thank you democrats!