VP Mike Pence, Dr. Deborah Birx, & Dr. Anthony Fauci led the US Task Force COVID Pandemic Response & they lied repeatedly to POTUS Trump! Their lies caused hundreds of thousands of deaths! Period!

by Paul Alexander

They (with others like Azar) functioned to deceive Trump as they disregarded fundaments of viral infections & pandemics, intellectually lazy, academically sloppy, specious & cognitively dissonanced

These named people and their polices killed Americans (lockdowns, school closures, business closures, mask mandates, denial of early treatment), and I do not know how else to state it. I am not even referring to the fraud gene injections.

They must be held to account, fully investigated, from Fauci, Francis Collins, all the way to Ashish Jha and Walensky, all of them. They failed to listen to me (Dr. Paul Alexander), Dr. Scott Atlas, and Dr. Peter Navarro. We were on the inside railing and banging away at CDC, NIH, FDA, Teachers unions and the deep state. On the outside you had Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Martin Kulldorff as well as Dr. Sunetra Gupta. There was also Alex Berenson. There was Dr. Howard Tenenbaum as well as Dr. Ramin Oskoui, joined early on by Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. Peter McCullough. I am not talking about politics and who you support, I am talking about who was waging the fight cutting against the grain from day one.


POTUS Trump did not know what the deepstate was doing to him and via the pandemic response. He made decisions but he trusted them, that they were guiding him properly and optimally. Very troublingly, he felt it was his pandemic response, yet it was not. It never was ‘his’. It was theirs. Configured to damage him and his re-election.

It did. I think he still does not grasp how much he was subverted.

They used the virus to hollow him out. He also never understood their agenda with the fraud gene injections. He demanded it be safe and effective and felt strongly that it must be as per their assurances as his experts and counsel. He called for this repeatedly. It is clear he was deceived as these vaccines (gene platforms) were anything but safe and effective. We must punish them all.

It was the Fauci and Birx lockdown lunacy, not POTUS Trump. He depended and relied on their counsel and always felt they were being truthful and were working to save lives. They were not, I can say, I was there! He demanded of the vaccine developers that the coming vaccine be safe and effective. He was adamant on safety, and he repeated it, and he trusted them when they assured him “Mr. President, we can bring it in a few months as if done in 15 years”. He trusted them. He should not have for they were malfeasants subverting him at each turn. They had their own agendas. They were combined inept and malfeasant and complicit in toppling a sitting POTUS. Yes, he was CEO but which CEO do you know of to have a board reporting to him or her doing what these malfeasants did? Yes, his mistake was not firing them on day one. IMO, VP Pence’s role in leading the response was catastrophic. POTUS Trump trusted him too.

History will record Fauci and Birx as the derelict reckless technocrats they were, working against a sitting POTUS with their illogical, irrational, non-sensical, absurd, and unsound lockdown lunacy. They and many who worked with them to accomplish a subversion, must be held to account. Similar to those involved with the vaccine development. They all must be held to account and justice served.

There were 7 falsehoods, IMO, 7 aspects of the response that doomed it and hobbled POTUS Trump and they are responsible for implementing these catastrophically failed strategies and policies:

1)that we were all at equal risk of severe outcome if exposed and infected

2)that asymptomatic transmission was a key driver

3)that recurrent infection (pre-omicron era) was a problem and a core aspect and even post omicron, if you adjusted for the gene injection that increased infectiousness of the virus to the vaccinated

4)that natural immunity was inferior to vaccinal immunity

5)that the over-cycled (high false-positive) PCR test was accurate and indeed a diagnostic test

6)that there were no treatment options

7)that masks were effective in curbing infection and death