Walensky of CDC, Fauci of NIAID, Francis Collins of NIH, these beasts, these crooked corrupted inept stupid malfeasant health officials are trying mea culpa; they don't care, LIES, only CAUGHT, jail!

by Paul Alexander

NO, no, no, no, we don't listen to this bullshit 'oh we made mistakes, no no no, this is malfeasance, these people are corrupted demons who caused deaths of thousands, we investigate and JAIL them!

Point is they killed people with their lockdowns and school closures, they killed us so we must punish them! Investigate properly and if shown wrong, then take all their money and jail them! They did not care, they were power drunk! They did not care about minorities and black people, brown people, poor people as the burden was shifted to the poor and they died. They could not ‘shield’. It was the café latter zoom class, the laptop class that BENEFITTED from lockdowns, they got rich, they set a nice life. The poor got infected and died.

Phuck Walensky and Fauci and his gain of function death virus. Francis Collins too. His gain of function. No matter age, we punish them. Posthumously too. Birx, Redfield, Hahn, Fauci, Francis Collins etc. They said the vaccine was effective and safe, they lied! They destroyed society with their lockdown lunacy and vaccines, so we jail them now! We go after Albert Bourla of Pfizer and Bancel of Moderna.


Fauci admits the polio case is vaccine induced.