Wanted to share, I got into a serious car accident 1 week ago or so; did damage to my neck & upper back, MRI scans show. So dealing with doctors, in pain, but can still write but for now, that's it!

by Paul Alexander

Someone blew their tire on the highway and slammed into a bunch of cars including mine, near T-bone so it was bad. I don't blame him, his tire blew out and he lost control...but it is very painful

I did not know what back injury or neck injury felt like and now I know. It is very scary. I am hoping to resolve this fully in time but will depend on some folk to help me e.g. doctor and physio and the like. Specialists say the injury is one that likely won’t heal in the spine etc. but I need to now go around it. Don’t know, will see what they have in plan going forward. See them Wed coming.

Thanks for your support and thank God writing and sharing don’t involve lifting and turning etc. But I need to take breaks and re-arrange.