War Room's Steve Bannon showed us real church bell stones yesterday; there is a move to cancel & silence & discredit Dr. Peter Breggin & similar like Dr. McCullough for asking REAL hard questions

by Paul Alexander

on Malone; serious questions; the very Freedom movement that we started to ensure no censoring, is CENSORING, hell, they are trying it with me; but I am about to go to media war with them

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Steve Bannon (WarRoom), there is a reason I love Steve, he is honest, unbiased; he sees the move to destroy Dr. Peter Breggin & so he flips the malfeasants the bird! In your face! Banno: "You are one
Bannon: “Breggin is one of the most important thought leaders in this movement”. Bannon sees the game, the destructive game, the filth so he flipped them the bird as the adult running things. Huge love for that and more to come. Breggin has done more for America and the movement than these ‘little’ Johnny come latelys pimping on donor money, raping the p…
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Big praise for Bannon. You see he showed them, dont bring your EFF in donors shit around me threatening me with that bull, dont try to silence me and tell me who to interview. Bannon is the man, he runs things up in his house.

I love it, he did the right thing. The move to destroy Breggin will fall flat, Breggin is an EFF in powerhouse beast. The Freedom movement now has become a system of cliques and groups within the main group, frauds too, not all, but many, all sucking and clucking around over money, donors and the donors flex and play the game of silencing too. Imagine that, we have donors flexing with their money, causing the silencing of serious key people in the freedom movement. I will have none of it. I am about to join Breggin etc. in exposing the filth of all of this.

The people were hurt by this COVID fraud and the freedom movement started by Risch and McCullough and folk like me, is now threatened by leaches and grifters and just bad people who enrich themselves and decide who within the movement will get air time and promote. It is now threatened. Because of money hungry leaches. All these doctors and scientists running around with their fake vaccine cards playing a dangerous game promoting and protecting grifters and people who have caused harms themselves.

Stop the insanity, understand who the enemy is, understand how serious this fight is, stop the social games now and the money fleecing…there is a reason why folk like Yeadon, Vanden Bossche, Risch, Kulldorff, Wolf, McCullough, Oskoui, Tenenbaum remain serious people to me, for these are a few who have stood back and only speak when they have too…these are people you listen to. The rest, many in the rest, not all, but many, first ask yourself and figure out ‘who is paying them’ and then consider the grifting and grafting tripe they spew.