WARNING: 100,000 Americans 18-45 die yearly due to Fentanyl coming to the US from Wuhan, China, through Mexico; Wuhan has given us COVID & Fentanyl (rainbow) & the Biden administration does not care

by Paul Alexander

I think there must be Republican as well as Democrat congresspeople and senators involved in the drugs coming into the US; had to be, as they do not care to stop it! so they must be benefitting $

It is like porn etc. and pedophilia, the very people in senior positions in a society e.g. government and elites, are the very ones who are the pedophiles and drug financiers and the like. Not far to find if you look in the right places.


Rainbow fentanyl: Large amounts of colorful pills seized at the US-Mexico border, US authorities are concerned about the huge increase in a candy-colored version of the illegal synthetic opioid coming into the country