WARNING again: Whether republican, democrat, anyone, these COVID gene injections are ineffective, fails, and are not safe; stop, take no more! DO NOT give these to your children! you, they, can die!

by Paul Alexander

Leave your kids alone with this COVID crap, just let their natural God given innate immune system be developed and trained and let them breathe, NO EFF in masks, no shot, set them FREE!

It is the vaccine, stupid! That is causing the deaths. I remind you again, the mRNA COVID gene injections, in fact all of the COVID injections, are very dangerous, ineffective, failed, do not take them, any of them! None for your children! No debat

Fauci, Birx, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins, Walensky, I will start with these six and add Hahn and Azar, these eight in all, start here, launch immediate investigations into them, proper inquiries and add Ashish Jha, Marks, Woodcock, all of them, and investigate them all, if shown they were right, praise them, celebrate them, if we find they did wrong and made reckless decisions that caused deaths, we impose financial penalties and imprison them!

Have Pfizer’s CEO Bourla and Moderna’s Bancel sitting in a court room, under oath. Do not let them go until we get to the bottom of this fraud gene injection for it is harmful.

It is that simple. Too many have died due to these fraud COVID shots and I would investigate the top people at FDA, it’s advisory boards, CDC, NIH, NIAID…all of them, maybe top 10 each and all of their roles in this and same, fine them and jail them!


I will turn to MPs, MPPs, congresspeople, senators, Prime Ministers, all, any one, no matter how high up who made decisions that caused deaths, must be held to account and we jail them!

We must get full accountability. From there, we turn across the board at the full COVID response including Gain of function (GoF) and jail any and everyone who it is shown did wrong for you must trust what I say next, many many deaths are coming, many of our police, our military, our border agents etc. This vaccine kills! They are vaccine injured and do not even know it.

Do not take it anymore, do not if you have not. No boosters, the boosters are showing massive deaths, 3rd and 4th and then to be 5th. The excess mortality (all cause mortality) is adding up and staggering in Europe and now in US.