WARNING: At no time, do we vaccinate our children, ever ever ever! No healthy child are to get these COVID injections, they are near zero risk, the shot confers no benefit and skews to harm; NONE!

by Paul Alexander

I say again, do not inject your children with these COVID injections! This is the hill parents must be willing to lay their lives down...these injections will destroy their functional innate immunity

GVB is on fire too on this. We are pleading, to not inject your child with these COVID injections. There is no need, you heard of this by me many times. But some more here on the damage to the immune system in your child and can kill them!

It will damage the innate immune system in your child.

We never use any viral vaccine other than a live attenuated vaccine during childhood, we never do this, and for a reason. It is because of the innate antibodies (Abs) and these innate Abs only last a short period in childhood and then disappear.

These innate Abs assist a child begin their immune system with the innate Abs. The innate Abs are able to neutralize the COVID virus and broadly neutralizes other viruses. By binding to the live viruses the child is able to educate and train and instruct the innate immune system to recognize the virus it was confronted with, but also many other viruses. Remember, the innate Abs will soon disappear in kids and needs to be trained so they can recognize the virus in the future when the innate Abs are no longer there. Also, by binding to viruses, the innate Abs will prevent the innate immune system from recognizing self components, so components of the child’s own body that must not be recognized. So it has a key role by binding to live viruses.

So if you vaccinate the child, the vaccine will induce antibodies that will strongly bind to the virus and will outcompete the innate Abs and the innate Abs will no longer be able to bind to the COVID virus. But the vaccinal Abs are completely worthless as they no longer neutralize the circulating variants. The vaccinal Abs cannot recognize the virus. The vaccinal Abs also increases the infectiousness of the virus (Yahi et al.) in the vaccinated. By binding to the virus, the vaccinal Abs prevents the innate Abs from being educated in recognizing other viruses and the COVID virus. That education is critical to ensure these viruses can be recognized later on in life. By being outcompeted by vaccinal Abs, the innate immune system now recognizes self components. This leads to auto-immune reactivity and the body attacks itself. Immune reactions that attack components of the body. The beneficial effects can only be induced by binding of live virus to the innate Abs. So this is why we only administer live attenuated virus (replicating competent) in children.

If you say there are some kids who get severe illness. So we need to vaccinate them. But if we vaccinate them it will be far worse. Remember, kids are well protected by their innate Abs in early childhood. They get asymptomatic infection, maybe some mild illness. Due to the asymptomatic infections, some kids may develop Abs that resemble vaccinal Abs and they are short-lived, 6-8weeks will disappear. When the child gets re-exposed to the virus, the innate immune response can be suppressed. The child is vulnerable in that period, but it is very rare. It is transient. The Abs titers are very low.

Why is it that some kids get re-infected after they get their primary asymptomatic infection. This is due to the mass vaccination campaign selecting for more infectious variants. As you see now. Kids did not get disease at the beginning of the pandemic, the vaccine has now caused some illness.

But if you vaccinate your child, their innate immune system will not be able to be trained and will be pushed to recognize components of it’s own body and will lead to auto-immunity.