WARNING: be careful with the illegal migrants being enrolled in our schools; be careful to ensure these are not legal aged males who pose as children, younger ages, to then fondle and rape our girls

by Paul Alexander

It has happened before, read, other illegals and refugees have done this in European and western nations e.g. Canada. This is done, be careful, there are rapists, murderers, bad people among the good

I know there are some good people in the illegals, but make no mistake, they have broken law. No matter how you mince it. But there are good people there wanting the American dream. I know. But many bad, rapist, murderers, very sick people. Should never ever be allowed in the US or Canada etc. Never. Not because you show up at my border means I take you in, even if you have 25 children with you. We have to always have a special place in our hearts for children, all, black, white, no matter religion, children are innocent initially and we have to do all we can to protect that innocence.

Americans have been the most generous people on this earth, historically, at least the last 250 years. And we will be, to children. But there is to be balance. Our kids must never ever be sidelined to a migrant illegal child. Never. Our children have suffered so much during COVID and have lots of needs, we have many living in poverty. Do not go given the tax payer money to illegal children, if you do not care for our children. Our minority children, many live is squalor and they have the congressional black caucus pimping on them, their families for generations and do nothing. But pad their pockets and with bogus contracts etc. Leave congress rich.

My peoples first, my peoples, my poor peoples, minorities first, our poor white, black, all our people. First. I do not agree with this, this can never make sense. This is an invasion. Yet what I am talking about here is the men, adults who are NOT children, yet processed as children at the border by the idiots there (and they know what they are doing) and they operate as children then on, given papers saying they are children, including into our schools. They are pedophiles and rapists in the mix. Be careful! They sit as 25 year old men with our 9 year old daughter. In a class. Be careful. We seem to be building our own funeral pyres, we are hollowing ourselves out! Why? Why is it that 90% are males?

I want to be clear, these migrants are and will pose as children when they are adult and they will rape our girls. I warn. They will come in and kill our peoples. They will use it to move in the society as ‘children’ and our real kids will be at risk. If you are an adult and can pose as a child and then use it to gain access to children schools as an adult, if you are a sick pervert criminal pedophile etc., or pure rapist etc., you will prey on our children.

As insane as the current border policy is and as it is a clear invasion of America and is underway, as insane as it is and reckless on so many levels, as much as Americans are loving kind people who have opened their hearts for hundreds of years, while most nations do not even allow immigration into their nations, we ask one thing: please conduct your orchestrated invasion of our nations in a sensible safe manner, please protect our children FIRST, Mr. US government. When their rights and needs are addressed, then think of other people. This is my view. And yes, we can do both at the same time, but do not relegate Americans and our children to the side. No. Mainstream and center the rights and safety of American children FIRST! Not an after thought.

‘Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, 24, of Honduras, successfully crossed the border posing an underaged migrant earlier this year. He was arrested for killing Francisco Javier Cuella, a father of four who offered Ulloa shelter, on Oct. 7 in Jacksonville, Fla. Authorities discovered his real age and identity a week later from Honduran authorities.

Ensure that oversight is in place, check carefully. Please ensure that only age appropriate males are allowed into our schools near our children. The ineptness and incompetence of the current Biden administration, at times mirroring the prior, yet the sheer policies that are tearing at the nation by the Biden administration, shows they are not guided by ‘right and wrong’ or ‘legality’ or ‘what is right for Americans’, but only based on politics and special interest groups.

He said he was 15 while he was 30…yet how could you think he is 15?