WARNING: Canadian doctors drop dead like flies now! 5 in few weeks! Doctors (everyone) who took COVID injection, must demand D-dimer micro thrombi blood clot test; POVIDONE oral-nasal wash; ASPIRIN!

by Paul Alexander

Every person, even for young persons, definitely for doctors who were misled & led people to the water of the dangerous vaccines, now they must do D-dimer for clots; use nasal-oral povidone-iodine!

All-cause deaths are rising, and we are seeing it across nations heavily vaccinated.

D-dimer test is type of blood test that measures and quantifies D-dimer which is a type of protein fragment that your body makes whenever a blood clot is dissolved in your body. The micro-thrombi post COVID vaccine can be silent, very small, but numerous and can kill you and are killing you…so demand the blood test. If D-dimer is elevated, insist you go on heparin/coumadin/warfarin/high dose aspirin…ask for enoxaparin, it is also an anti-coagulant, many people I know use high dose aspirin (325 mg daily) if not already on blood thinners for a while post shot…assuming they have clots. Talk to your doctor please.

Doctors must use daily 2-3 times nasal-oral wash povidone-iodine or hydrogen peroxide to wash out mouth and Q tip to clean the nostrils. The virus hangs out in the gumline and back of the throat/pharynx etc. Use this please doctors and everyone, every person, no swallow, swish and spit. Prevention for higher risk people.

Substack Alexander COVID News evidence-based medicine
Ontario doctor, 27 years old, dies after collapsing during triathlon; she is 5th healthy doctor in Ontario in last 2 weeks to SUDDENLY die; 5 died! 5 doctors & we will NOT mention it MAY be VACCINE!
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Substack Alexander COVID News evidence-based medicine
10% Povidone-Iodine (PI) (Betadine) or Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) are potent anti-microbial products effective against a wide range of infections including bacterial, viral (COVID), and fungal organisms
Povidone-Iodine Nasal/Oral Wash is near 100% effective in killing COVID virus in the nasal oral cavity and had we known of the nasal oral wash (we were clued into this by oral dental surgeons who came forward to explain what they do daily even before COVID emerged to mitigate pathogen exposure from patients), then we would not have needed early treatmen…
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