WARNING: CDC & public health officials & WHO must stop the pandering to the gay community & state just facts, where the risk is, how the risk happens & how to stop it; NOT side step & ENCOURAGE it

by Paul Alexander

CDC guidance is junk; community spread is occurring largely undetected, & this can enter heterosexual community, & critical window in which to control outbreak is closing quickly; Biden admin fails!

He Fauci, is doing it again with monkeypox to the gay community. He is damaging them.

We can literally take this at present, as a mild infection, and drive more potent disease by how we are playing around with it.

We have to help the high risk community, best inform them on the risks and the key is how to mitigate it, not accommodate it and still engage in high risk behavior. Not ‘if you are infected but must still go to the club and be intimate (CDC guidance) then maybe masturbate at a distance or have sex with lots of clothes on’ para. Phuck that. Tell them stop this madness! No, be firm, stop it until this ends! Why can’t the CDC and WHO inform the high risk group (S) to stop physical contact for a few weeks, globally. We will defeat this. If not, I warn, this can get unmanageable and catastrophic and begs the question: Are governments and it’s lead public health people deliberately doing this? We saw Fauci hurt homosexuals in the 1980s with Bactrim. Thousands of gay men suffered and died due to Fauci. The world must be reminded.

I remind you that Fauci created panic when he stated HIV could be spread via ordinary close contact (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/386561)

“Public panic had intensified and people were fearing they could get aids from sharing a toilet seat or even from shaking hands. People living with AIDS were being alienated and ostracized from their jobs, homes, communities, and gay men, in particular, were heavily stigmatized.” (https://www.theburningplatform.com/2021/09/14/fauci-botched-the-aids-epidemic-so-big-pharma-could-profit-hes-doing-it-again-with-covid/)

“Dr. Anthony Fauci is rewriting history. He is doing so to disguise his shameful role in delaying promotion of an AIDS treatment that would have prevented tens of thousands of deaths in the first years of the epidemic.” (see source) He went all in for AZT and not Bactrim and “despite limited data, the NIH went all in on AZT, ignoring evidence that the drug was toxic, caused liver damage and destroyed white blood cells”. Many in the gay community died due to AZT.

He Fauci, is doing it again with monkeypox to the gay community.

The federal government was reticent in declaring the use of Bactrim and other sulfa drugs to prevent PCP (the pneumonia, pneumocystis, then a principle killer of people with (HIV/IDS) in addition to its long-time and well-known use to treat PCP. Fauci had a heavy hand in denying treatment to the gay community, costed many lives. Same thing he did today in COVID denying early treatment for high risk elderly people and hundreds of thousands died.

“But as other nations have ramped up their efforts to track and prevent the spread of infection, experts say the United States has moved too slowly to expand access to monkeypox testing and vaccinate people at highest risk. The government’s failure to clearly and urgently communicate the symptoms and risks associated with monkeypox, a disease spread by close contact that can lead to fever, pain and a visible rash, has left gay and bisexual men, who are disproportionately contracting the virus, especially vulnerable, public health experts say.

The plodding U.S. response so far raises doubts about the country’s preparedness for the next pandemic, some administration officials say.

Communication about whom to test, when to test them and what monkeypox symptoms look like has been dismal, said Sauer, a public health expert at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Frustrations are running particularly high because, unlike the coronavirus, monkeypox has been studied for decades by global and U.S. experts who know the tools, strategies and vaccine protocols that can limit spread.”