WARNING: FDA's move to approve the COVID injections is very reckless & dangerous (Moderna vaccine for children ages 6 through 17 years); again, FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, & Pfizer officials told me

by Paul Alexander

while I was at Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington as a COVID PANDEMIC advisor under POTUS Trump, that they were very concerned about effectiveness & safety, I focus here in children

2 FDA, 1 CDC, 1 NIH, 1 Moderna, 1 Pfizer official (at varying times) spoke with me confidentially, anonymously (July-August 2020).

Moderna’s vaccine development research office (Operation Warp Speed) office was on the 7th floor of my office building at HHS, 200 Independence Avenue. My office was on the 6th floor, a fire escape stairway away. I met with these people routinely.

In no uncertain terms, I was told via very guarded discussions by these officials (on fear of safety and career loss), as they chose to find me and come to me to tell me how much they agreed with what I/we were saying and what I wrote to FDA etc. about the safety and methods concerns I was having (the letter by me to Hahn and CDC etc. went throughout the agencies). That they were very concerned that children will be potentially harmed by the vaccines as to auto-immune disease and ADE and that the vaccine would subvert their normal immune functioning. They expressed that they were concerned that decisions were made not to follow the vaccines longer term and that they knew that safety could not be determined. They were very scared at the future prospect of these injections/vaccines for children, telling me what I told them, which is that children, no healthy child was a candidate for their vaccines. They were very scared for their safety and careers.

I warn again.

I again call on the FDA to put a stop, urgent halt. These injections, as they have for adults, will harm and kill children. Healthy children will die from these injections.

1086 deaths from COVID (0-17) and we do not know if this number by CDC is correct yet if we accept, the population is 10.7 million or so children 0-17, that means 1086/10.7 million = 0.0001

0.0001; we will move to vaccinate for this? Where is the emergency and I do not buy this 1086 number as many did not die due to COVID, they died likely ‘with’ COVID infection, not due to it. Makary says so. I agree. No healthy child in US, Sweden, Germany etc. has died of COVID after infection. Not one! As of today!

This is the data! Not one! Bear this in mind!