WARNING: If we continue injecting with COVID gene injections that are non-neutralizing (does not stop transmission), then induced vaccinal antibodies will drive emergence of lethal variants

by Paul Alexander

Darwinian natural selection pressure on spike antigen will select for more infectious & potentially more virulent lethal sub-variants (that could be sufficiently different); CDC, FDA, NIH knows this!

This is nothing now other than deliberate malfeasance by these health agencies and their public health leaders as well as CEO’s Bourla and Bancel of Pfizer and Moderna. They know that this COVID gene injection will not work (original antigenic sin and antibody dependent enhancement of infection and disease) and while vaccination may (debatable) protect against clinical symptoms temporarily, strains can still circulate in vaccinated persons and continuously evolve towards greater virulence. We know that the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies (via imperfect ‘leaky’ vaccines) have driven the virus to become more infectious to the vaccinee. Fauci et al. are not that stupid. They know what they are doing and it is to keep this pandemic going for 100 years infectious variant after infectious variant.

Importantly, natural killer cells (NK) of the innate immune system is the rate limiting step, the critical component of the innate immune system in young children subverted by the COVID gene injections; the outcome could be catastrophic to young children including death.

A rapid mass vaccination campaign, using a sub-optimal non-sterilizing vaccine e.g. the COVID vaccines and vaccinating across all age groups and into an active pandemic of a respiratory virus that is highly mutable and highly infectious, can only result in the generation of infectious variant after infectious variant with escalating viral immune escape (the virus is resistant to the vaccinal antibodies). The result is potentially increased virulence. These people such as Fauci and Bourla et al. know that this COVID injection will only prolong this pandemic and can make it catastrophic.


‘But when vaccines leak, allowing at least some pathogen transmission, they could create the ecological conditions that would allow hot strains to emerge and persist.’

Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens

Not all vaccines prevent infection. Some, known as leaky vaccines, prolong host survival or reduce disease symptoms without preventing viral replication and transmission. Although leaky vaccines provide anti-disease benefits to vaccinated individuals, new research by CIDD’s Andrew Read, David Kennedy and colleagues at the Avian Oncogenic Virus Group in the United Kingdom, and The University of New England in Australia, has demonstrated that leaky vaccines can make the situation for unvaccinated individuals worse. Leaky vaccines work by enhancing host immunity to a particular pathogen, without necessarily blocking or slowing viral replication. The result is that infected but vaccinated individuals have extended survival, allowing highly virulent pathogen that would normally reach an evolutionary dead-end in a dead host, can transmit. The evolutionary consequences of high virulence are thus reduced and these pathogens can be selectively favored as a result of leaky vaccination.’

 'Leaky' vaccines may strengthen viruses: study

‘Imperfect Leaky vaccines promote the transmission of more virulent virus