WARNING: If we do not stop this COVID gene injection now, this non-neutralizing failed injection, we will drive soon a variant both infectious & virulent/lethal that will cause massive severity

by Paul Alexander

Geert VB warns: 'The combination of rapidly decreasing C-19 morbidity and rapidly decreasing neutralizing Ab capacity in vaccinees is an extremely poor prognostic sign....'

We have been arguing near daily now that the non-neutralizing, highly antigen specific, vaccine induced antibodies, are driving immune escape, original antigenic sin, antibody dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and of disease (ADED) in the vaccinee who is becoming infected, ill, and potential death.

This COVID vaccine, whatever they call it, must be stopped! It is driving massive infectious pressure in the midst of sub-optimal immune pressure in the population and as such, driving the emergence of natural selection variants that on the one hand, enhances and facilitates infection in the upper respiratory tract (and thus transmission) while blocking severe illness in the lower respiratory tract (blocks transfection from infected cells to uninfected cells in the LRT and the formation of syncytia which is correlated with severe illness). The same non-neutralizing antibodies are doing this yet there is serious risk that selected variants will overcome this blocking and will overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure on ‘virulence’. This would result in variants selected for that will cause severe disease in the lower lungs. We may be facing this in the winter.

This vaccine must be stopped! This COVID gene platform vaccine especially mRNA, is causing the variants and infections in vaccinees and thus the larger population is at risk, yet will cause a very severe variant to emerge. This is the risk we are afraid of. The potential is real. The new bivalent booster is failed out of the box, even the 8-10 mice got infected in the lungs and nostrils. This bivalent booster is a joke and not even double COVID infected Bourla will take it.

I/we are warning you again! Never in your healthy children!