WARNING: Johns Hopkins tabletop exercise "Catastrophic Contagion" October 2022 using enterovirus pandemic simulation (children?); note, they did same thing for 'Event 201' simulating COVID in Oct 2019

by Paul Alexander

CATASTROPHIC CONTAGION: A global challenge exercise; New tabletop "Catastrophic Contagion" | Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, WHO, B&M G Foundation | Brussels, Oct 23 '22

These were the same malfeasants who brought us ‘Dark Winter’ and ‘Clade X’ simulations.

‘The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security partnered with the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct “Catastrophic Contagion,” an exercise to simulate a global pandemic that is deadlier than the coronovirus and especially dangerous for children.’

Do we stock up on enterovirus medications? Is there early treatment for this? Is this the new ‘power-accumulating liberty taking’ plan and the manner in which they will try to shut down the world again? Is this why the media and governments especially in North America are hyping and driving hysteria with RSV and common colds in children and warning about hospitals being over-run? Sounds so familiar. Is this event 201 all over again? Why the same nefarious players e.g. WEF and Gates et al.? What public health or medicine backgrounds do these people have?

Just a warning, these people do not care. Was Event 201 a coincidence? That it simulated in October 2019 the very same COVID virus pandemic?

see it here as a reminder:




Fast forward, three years later, now they simulate an enterovirus pandemic that seems to target children? Should we be concerned? This is the reporting now. Was the media helping them with the recent alarms and hyping re RSV etc.? Is this idiosyncratic? Was 201 idiosyncratic?

2022 tabletop exercise:



My colleague Dr. Avery Brinkley Jr of Florida, clued me into this situation.