WARNING: Parents, in God’s name, we plead, under no condition do you inject your child with the COVID injection as it will subvert their innate immune system and can kill them: you can kill your child

by Paul Alexander

Alexander: these COVID injections will subvert the innate immune system of children and render them susceptible to the confronted glycosylated pathogen, other viruses, and auto-immune attack, cancers

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, PhD

We are in the battle of all time, right here and now and the prize is your children. They will stop at nothing, these malfeasants around us, even cause the death of our children with this dangerous gene injection. We are calling out to you parents now, now is your time to stand up and lay your life down too if you must! This is your HOT gates, this is your Thermopylae! This is where you fight and we hold them! This is where we defeat Fauci, Walensky, Albert Bourla of Pfizer, Bancel of Moderna, Francis Collins of NIH, CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, PHAC…all of them. We shut them down here and we go back and investigate them and if they did wrong, if it is shown in proper inquiry, we clean them out financially and imprison every one last of them! They, these Horsemen, have caused deaths with their lockdown lunacy and these fraud COVID shots. We imprison all who are shown to have been complicit!

Before discussing the innate immune system and how these COVID injections can damage it in your healthy child, I wish to briefly touch on the present injection landscape in terms of the ineffectiveness and harmfulness of the injection (especially the mRNA gene delivery platform). I will also state that I am not an immunologist or virologist or even a vaccinologist. My training is in epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, clinical epidemiology, medical statistics, research methodology, clinical practice guideline development, and biostatistics.

I have however been heavily worked in COVID given my roles at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Washington, DC, as well as my role in the Trump administration as a senior COVID pandemic advisor. I am one of the key players in the early treatment of COVID having had the fortune of developing under Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Zev Vladimir Zelenko, and Dr. Peter McCullough. I am a disciple of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche whom I regard as the foremost expert in virology and immunology as well as vaccinology, to include Dr. Mike Yeadon. My training is built on their informing of me and I cannot forget my Canadian brothers Dr. Byram Bridle and Dr. Howard Tenenbaum.

The COVD injection have failed! Mass vaccination using a sub-optimal non-neutralizing vaccine and into a pandemic and across all age-groups is a complete disaster. As you have seen now. It is the mass vaccination that is driving the infectious variants and ensuring the pandemic continues. The non-neutralizing COVID injection is actually facilitating and enhancing infection of the vaccinated (known as antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI)).

Do not let these illogical, failed , inept, corrupted, incompetent CDC and NIH and PHAC and SAGE officials and Fauci and Walensky frighten you about BA.5 sub-variant. As far as we see, it is infectious, more than prior variants, but not lethal to unvaccinated. It will not be for your healthy unvaccinated child. It is problematic for vaccinated persons as per clinical reports. It is lots of fear porn at present. Leave your healthy child alone. Please revert to our early treatment algorithms.

Also, it is the COVID vaccine itself that is causing these variants to emerge, not the virus. These are criminals who are doing this. You want this to stop? Then these malfeasants at CDC and NIH and Bourla and Bancel and Fauci and Francis Collins must stop these failed non-neutralizing COVID injections.

The injection today induces non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies (Abs) that do not sterilize the virus (non-neutralization) and as such does not stop infection, replication, or transmission. We can never get to population-level herd immunity with a non-sterilizing injection and the non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs are sub-optimal, placing sub-optimal immune pressure on the infectiousness of the virus (the spike protein). This immune pressure, in the presence of massive viral infectious pressure, drives selection pressure that results in emergence of infectious variants e.g. Omicron. As long as we use a non-sterilizing injection in the midst of a pandemic, that does not neutralize the virus, then we will never get to herd immunity and this pandemic will go on for 100 years.

It is critical to understand that the human immune system must be approached and understood as a rather complicated, beautifully designed, meticulously balanced ecosystem. It is not simply about ‘neutralizing vaccinal antibodies’. This is very misleading. Antibody levels are not a measure of immune protection.

The immune system is composed of 2 main components (some say compartments) which is the mucosal immune system and a systemic immune system.

The mucosal immune system (the snot and slimy substance in your nose and mouth (nasopharynx) and digestive and respiratory tracts) and the systemic immune system both contain an innate and an acquired-adaptive component (or sub-compartments). The truth is we have only focused on the acquired-adaptive component which we refer to as natural immunity but this is not entirely correct. The innate immune system is also the natural immunity and all must be considered as part of the ‘natural immunity’ umbrella. The innate immune system is the 1st line of defense and has no memory and does not need it, alike the Pretorian guards, and works in concert with the acquired-adaptive component (which has a memory component and is regarded as the 2nd line of defense) and which is for a more virus specific response (antigen-specific).

It is a major error to disregard the innate immune system for it is a critical component of a functional immune response. Innate immunity is absolutely critical across your lifetime and especially so in early childhood for it is there that it gets its training, its education for optimal immune responding. Key to the innate immune system is the ‘innate antibodies’ (iABs) and the natural killer cells (NK cells). The latter is very potent and functions to clear out, eliminate virus that has gotten into cells by killing the cells.

Vanden Bossche reminds us that our children, newborns, infants, young children come with these iABs and are born with them. Yes, there is maternal protection but the innate immune system and the iABs are waiting to be trained as the maternal protection wears off in 4-6 months or so. These iABs are at very elevated concentrations in early infancy, childhood and the key aspect is that they decline from there. This it is critical that the iABs get the training it needs in order to protect the child thereafter. These iABs have disappear with time and they are poly-specific, non-specific, and of low affinity to the antigens (target). They come with the capacity to bind neutralize many different viruses.

As part of its training in early childhood, iABs must bind to live viruses (either live viruses in live attenuated replication competent vaccines or virus that is circulating) and in this binding, they help train and educate the innate immune system to be able to recognize viruses, besides the one it is now confronted with. It also is a key step in helping the immune system recognize non-self entities from self. Remember, it must be able to know what is ‘self’ so that it does not attack ‘self’ as this would lead to autoimmune reactivity and serious illness.

The iABs instruct the innate immune system as to what is ‘self’ versus ‘non-self’ and that it must not attack ‘self. If the iABs are blocked or subverted in any manner, from binding to live viruses, then it cannot be trained and cannot properly instruct the innate immune system. The child from that point, is vulnerable to the virus it is confronted with, future viruses e.g. influenza virus, poxvirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) etc., and to auto-immune disease. It is during early childhood that this training is critical and must not be subverted. If breached, if this training does not occur, it is lost forever. The iABs and innate immune system overall become refined and stronger and better with time, as the child grows and is exposed to pathogen. It actually is learning from its experiences and Vanden Bossche argues it has what can be regarded as a potent memory of sorts. It needs to be taxed and tuned up daily. It demands practice. The innate immune system is part of the immunological ecosystem that includes the virus-host immune response ecosystem.

Remember, the COVID injections are based on tricking your cells into production of spike protein that then results in production of vaccinal antibodies. Ideally, these antibodies from vaccine should be neutralizing. If neutralizing, in other words they are not resisted by the virus, then they would bind much more strongly to the COVID virus’s spike protein. This is the key issue with the devastation caused by the CIOVID injections in that even if they are non-neutralizing (as they are now July 2022), the vaccinal antibodies have a much greater affinity for the spike protein binding sites (e.g. receptor binding domain, N-terminal domain) and bind strongly, and as such outcompete the iABs for the binding sites. The vaccinal antibodies bind to the binding sites and subvert the binding by the iABs. The iABs bind loosely.

What is the result of this subversion by the vaccinal antibodies? Well, the iABs then cannot be trained and educated and thus cannot inform and instruct the innate immune system. The child would be vulnerable to the virus it is confronted with as well as future ‘glycosylated’ viruses and microbial pathogen (viruses with sugars/glycans on surfaces etc.) (unable to fight off various infections e.g. COVID, other respiratory infections and even cancers as there could be subversion of the cancer fighting system) and is also vulnerable to autoimmune illness. There is elevated risk of antigenic shifting and thus potentially novel variants emerging. Sufficiently different to present serious immunological challenges. The overall education of the innate immune system is subverted and compromised in the child via vaccinal antibodies and this is long-lasting (this subversion of the vaccinal antibodies over the iABs has to do with molecular patterns on viruses that they share and are same as patterns on parts of the human body).

The subversion of the iABs will continue as long as there is massive infectious pressure as there is now as we are vaccinating into a pandemic, and each time there is boosting which results in boosting of vaccinal antibody titers. Again, administering these COVID injections in childhood can be devastating to your child and your child can be harmed and actually die as a result. The damage to the innate immune system (iABs) is catastrophic and Vanden Bossche argues life-long.

If the child’s innate immune system (via blocking of iABs binding to live viruses) is impaired and not educated in discerning viruses, then the child will not be able to recognize glycosylated viruses that it confronts and will not be able to know if it is ‘self’ versus ‘non-self’. This is critical and can cause devastating illness and immune pathology in children.

In closing, vaccination of your child with these COVID injections can be harmful and be devastating, and can kill your child! None of the players involved in pushing the injection e.g. CDC, NIH, FDA, FAUCI, Walensky, Francis Collins, Bourla of Pfizer and Bancel of Moderna, as well as Jha, have any liability. They are protected, only your child is exposed. No protection if they are harmed. Do not trust any of these people or public health leaders or agencies. Do not inject your child with these COVID injections! I plead! Demand that they show you data, show you evidence whereby your near zero-risk child needs a vaccine that confers no benefit to them and actually skews towards harms. Shift the burden to them to prove this. To this date, they have not. Natural immunity (COVID exposed, infected, and recovered immunity) has always be extensively robust, optimal, superior, long-lasting and much better than the vaccinal immunity. Natural immunity and especially from the innate immune system (iABs and NK cells) can eliminate the virus and sterilize it! The COVID injections CANNOT!