Warning signs for US as Covid cases rise in Europe? These beasts know they are driving variants using a non-sterilizing vaccine, basic immunology will tell you this, if it does not stop transmission

by Paul Alexander

We know this vaccine is causing massive infection in vaccinated, hospitalization and death, blood clots especially in females, heart inflammation (myocarditis) in young males

Warning signs for US as Covid cases rise in Europe

It is the vaccine that is driving the variants such as BA.2 etc. Early data suggests its about 30% more infectious. The more we vaccinate, the more these variants will emerge. If we want this pandemic to go on for decades, just keep using the vaccines. Moreover, if you keep testing, then the more you will find infections. We must not mass test asymptomatic persons who are low risk, we must not quarantine asymptomatic low risk persons. Stop it!

My take, please calm down and do not panic.