WARNING: The COVID gene injection vaccine is causing the variants, NOT the virus! if we want this pandemic to end, we MUST stop COVID vaccine; the pandemic will go on for 100 years if we don't stop!

by Paul Alexander

The vaccinal antibodies are not matching the circulating virus and sub-variants/clades and this causes viral immune escape, selecting for variants that could overcome the sub-optimal immune response

The deranging catastrophic immunological impact of the mass vaccination into a pandemic across all age groups and using a vaccine that does not sterilize-neutralize the virus. This is the defining issue of this COVID era. Sub-optimal immune pressure the population has been placing on the spike antigen (the infectiousness of the virus). The population is exerting massive immune pressure on the infectiousness of the virus (the spike antigen and specifically onto the epitopes; pressure on the epitopes/domains).

It is not the actions or behavior of the COVID virus on its own. It is the interaction or interplay of the virus and the population immune system that must be considered together so as to understand what is happening in terms of the emerging new sub-variants. It is the ‘pressure’ that is being placed on the binding epitopes of the virus that is driving infectiousness and dangerously, we argue, pressure is now being placed on the viral virulence.

It is as if the vaccine, this COVID vaccine, gene injection, and the roll-out, was designed to fail. Day one!

Moreover, the same capacity for the induced ‘antigen-specific’ high affinity vaccinal antibodies to overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure and select for variants that are more ‘infectious’ e.g. omicron, is the same process that will work on overcoming blocking of virus virulence in the distal lower lung. And as such, select for sub-variants that could cause severe ‘virulent’ lethal disease in the lower respiratory tract. We may be on the tip of very serious disease (I speak to GVB routinely) from COVID based on continuation of this mass vaccination with these sub-optimal vaccines.

It is as if the vaccine people, the government alphabet agencies, Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins etc., the CDC, NIH, Pfizer do not know what they are doing. And it is basic.

Darwinian Natural Selection will cause the selection of variants that are more and more infectious and ‘fitter’ and one can emerge that is even more virulent and lethal.

We usually do not vaccinate across a full population for all age-groups. We focus to the high-risk vulnerable elderly population as an example. Or only children.

If you vaccinate and wish to induce neutralizing antibodies (that will eliminate the virus), it takes time for them to develop the ‘affinity’ capacity, the full affinity capacity (neutralizing binding capacity) for the target antigen and only when the affinity is fully matured, do you have the neutralizing capacity (that will bind and eliminate the virus).

You do not want antibodies ‘binding’ to the virus yet not neutralizing it. Then the virus will become stronger and respond. You will tend to give the virus properties it did not have. You can then run the risk of having antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI, can happen independent of vaccine, as can happen due to exposure infection) and disease (ADED) when the induced vaccinal antibodies do indeed bind to the virus, but do not neutralize (eliminate, destroy). Huge problems also emerge when there are sub-variants that do not match the induced ‘antigen-specific’ high-affinity vaccinal antibodies (original antigenic sin plays out-immune priming or fixation, where the initial prime or exposure prejudices the antibody recall life-long).

The issue is that the virus does not wait while this ‘affinity maturity’ after vaccination is happening and thus people will then get exposed to the virus before the full neutralization capacity is being achieved. Remember, you are vaccinating DURING a pandemic. The induced antibodies are ‘mounting’ and building and are thus not perfect, not fully matured, and do not have the neutralization full capacity. This period when the induced vaccinal antibodies are developing so to speak, is critical, as it needs time and it DOES NOT want the enemy, the virus, around it as it develops and gains its full maturity to then wage battle. It needs space to develop for proper coming battle.

During this time, the antibodies you are inducing can however place pressure on the virus (as the virus is around it and the battlefield is not CLEAR of virus) but being not fully mature, makes life for the virus difficult, and it is problematic enough, but does not prevent the virus from infecting, replicating, or transmitting. In a sense, the antibodies are poking and pushing the virus but not knocking it out.

And so in replicating, the virus produces variants and the virus will then automatically select the variants (stronger, fitter ones) that could overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure on the virus. The ‘fitter’ variants. And the virus will overcome the immune pressure placed on the ‘infectiousness’ of the virus. So when you apply such a sub-optimal ‘developing’ antibody vaccine, across a population (mass vaccination), then there will be selection of variants that will dominate in the population. We saw Omicron emerge as per this process. Generally different variants and the vaccinal antibodies can still bind to the antigen but not neutralize the virus (this can cause antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease.

Note we have to consider the issue of antigenic drift (small changes) versus antigenic shift (large changes). Experts argue we are compressing the timeline to a few weeks to months for antigenic drift/shift (the changes we are seeing), and not the thousand years usually needed. We have underestimated the evolutionary impact, the evolutionary capacity of the virus to adjust and adapt to the selection pressure, based on the mounting population immune pressure and ongoing high infectious pressure. This interplay between virus and host immune system. Each responds to the other.

It is generally after the booster (usually takes two for some infections) that we get the proper affinity maturation so that the proper neutralization can happen. The key is to increase the affinity, the binding to the antigen (in this case the antigen is the spike protein). This takes several weeks. You must understand, we are talking about that period when you vaccinate the mass population with fully circulating virus (in the midst of an ongoing epidemic or pandemic), that is the danger point. You are loading your weapon, your gun, while the enemy is on the battle field shooting at you. You never EVER do that. You will fail. You only expose people to the virus AFTER the affinity (neutralization capacity) is fully developed. You vaccinate outside of the period when pathogen is on the battlefield so to speak. So that the immune system can fully prepare its weapons and develop them properly.

Thus after mass vaccination, we saw more infectious variants becoming more dominant e.g. beta, gamma, delta, then omicron. And so the COVID vaccine is being (and has been) used in an improper manner e.g. the new bivalent booster is destined to fail and all who take it will get re-infected, go ask Rochelle how that worked out.

Again, the key point as to why this is all failing and these COVID vaccines will NEVER work and why we will never get to population-level herd immunity (you do not get to herd immunity of you cannot cut the chain of transmission) is the vaccine is, and will be always sub-optimal, as it is mismatched yet applied DURING high infectious pressure. It was outrageous to do so and inept and non-sensical and actually as seen, dangerous.

It is either we stopped the vaccine or found a way to reduce the infectious pressure. The key is to remove virus from the environment so that there is no virus to be placed under selection pressure. It is a round about way of looking at this.

This vaccine does not stop transmission as is non-neutralizing and if you cannot cut the chain of transmission, you will never EVER get to herd immunity. This is a dangerous joke now and IMO, Fauci and Francis Collins and Bourla and Walensky know this and doing this deliberately to keep this pandemic ongoing for 100 years.

Again, the heart of the problem is that you cannot use this vaccine during a pandemic for those vaccinated will be instantly exposed to the virus so you do not vaccinate DURING the pandemic. You are failing to give the induced vaccinal antibodies time to develop and mature its full binding affinity capacity. The antibodies will then be immature (develops immature binding capacity, immature affinity capacity) and place sub-optimal pressure on the target spike and this causes the variant disaster we are seeing. If we continue these sub-optimal vaccines as we are doing, we will see infectious variant after infectious variant emerging.

You never ever load your weapon (develop full binding capacity vaccinal antibodies) while the enemy (circulating virus) is on the battle field coming at you, shooting at you (in the midst of an ongoing pandemic). You will not be able to. Optimally. Think about it. The same has and is happening here, over and over again. You always vaccinate OUT of season. Never DURING season. There is a reason for this, as we see here.

Sub-variants and clades that are not only highly infectious (enhanced facilitated infectiousness) but potentially lethal, will, and can emerge.

Be warned.

Particularly since if we move to mass vaccinate healthy children, young persons with these non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccines, we would sideline and subvert the innate antibodies from their training of the innate immune system and effector cells e.g. NK cells. The induced vaccinal antibodies are high-affinity for the spike binding sites/epitopes (receptor etc.) and will bind and block the innate antibodies (1st line of immune defense) from binding and exerting its functional capacity to eliminate the virus/prevent infection. The innate antibodies will be prevented from the necessary training in

i) how to deal with the virus it is confronting now and as such children can be infected and get very ill

ii) how to deal with a broad range of other pathogen, viruses e.g. glycosylated viruses (that share similar surface patterns such as sugars and glycans and thus can be self-mimicking or self-like and the training helps the innate immune system in differentiating self-like and similar to self etc. e.g. measles, mumps, rotavirus, rubella, RSV etc.

iii) how to effectively prevent auto-immune diseases in the future if the prevention of innate training prohibits the child’s immune system from discerning ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ and as such knowing what does not belong to child and so is to be attacked and to leave alone what belongs to child.

Be warned.