WARNING: the COVID injections failed, non-neutralizing, negative efficacy, wanes rapidly, elderly vulnerable locked down too long & hard in wait of failed shot; no baseline immunity as a result

by Paul Alexander

What does this mean? Omicron BA.5 may be mild but elderly & vulnerable immune systems declined in lockdown (immuno-senescence), so mild OMICRON faces a weakened immune system

All this while there is high infectious pressure (circulating virus) because the vaccine itself is giving the virus the property of high infectivity and the vaccinated is getting infected and spreading virus; what does this mean? it means the elderly vulnerable with underlying medical conditions so the ‘elderly’ elderly, have no background immunity, were locked down too long and thus a weakened immune system, have underlying conditions that COVID exploits, and now with the relaxation of lockdown lunacy, they are emerging.

I predict that this winter, we will see in many places, severe illness and death in elderly with underlying conditions and immune-compromised persons, because the vaccine has driven variants that are highly infectious, driving maintenance of the virus sub-variants in the populations, and with persons with no defense as the vaccines does not stop infection or transmission, and is in fact driving selection of variants that would drive more virulent disease.

I predict much severe illness and death in such elderly vulnerable persons, the coming months. It is all due to the non-neutralizing COVID gene injection.

The only route is not to keep them locked down for they are indeed vulnerable, the ‘elderly’ elderly, but we must stop the vaccine now! We must stop the vaccine and this will reduce and mitigate the infectious pressure. This too will stop the selection of more infectious variants.

Did they, the hospitals and CEOs, all involved, kill our parents, grand-parents, our elderly, frail 'ELDERLY' elderly, (removing obese for now), did we kill with diamorphine, midazolam, intubation/ventilation, and Remdesivir? I say yes, we did and POTUS Trump will learn how much he was deceived and how much what the Task Force did to his response was designed to doom his presidency. I am not even talking about the lockdowns lunacy here. Were the elevated deaths always there baseline but the fraud PCR test devised to now 'detect' them?