Warning to deepstate, to democrat party, to RINOs like Romney et al., you people are playing with fire, if you harm one hair on POTUS Trump's yellow hair, if you jail him, whatever you do, we will

by Paul Alexander

return it IN KIND to you, as long it takes, we will wait to regain the levers & punish you beasts for this fraud, this relentless baseless attack on him; remember, he has an 80 million standing army

armed to the teeth and comprised of most police, military, veterans…remember that…with the 2nd and constitution on their side…if you harm him, anything you do to Trump, we will note and return to you…we will use the same powers you use today…we will act irrationally and crazy just like you…one day sooner than you think, we will regain the levers and it will be ‘our turn’…as Trump would say.

Not even under your mommy’s bed will you escape Trump…

minute 1.35, “my turn”