WARNING to POTUS Trump: I know you tried to help the American people & that those around you including public health officials mislead you devastatingly; they will now hang each vaccine death on you!

by Paul Alexander

It is time POTUS Trump, it is time to stand up now & say what you know, which is that the lockdowns were a catastrophic failure & killed us, & that the OWS vaccine is a fraud & kills, not for kids!

POTUS Trump, the COVID injection never ever worked, and would have never worked, and was never needed. You were snowed, you were deceived and lied to! You were misled and many have died as a result. It is time to stand up and say what is the truth on these COVID injections. People are waiting to hear from you! Americans are forgiving but you must say what we all know to be the truth.

I have fought against this vaccine and will continue to for it is a fraud, was never needed and is very ineffective and harmful. Under your administration, the vaccine was developed and under the Biden’s administration, it was mandated and forced and given out.


Under zero condition must a parent give their healthy child, any child, the COVID injection.

You must stand up now for I am warning you, each adverse effect, each death due to the COVID vaccine will be hung around you, it is starting and I urge you to finesse the tea leaves and watch the pivot. They are going to blame you. Please stand up!

I want the US to begin investigating in proper legal forums, Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla, and Bancel as well as Birx in these vaccines. All involved and have proper hearing. This vaccine has killed and we need to see who benefitted, who was reckless, who caused deaths and we take their money if it is shown with proper inquiry and we imprison them all! No matter who! All involved knew this vaccine would have not worked and would have caused harms.