WARNING to Trump again! You will be blamed by the deepstate bureaucracy, CDC, NIH, FDA, FAUCI, Birx, Azar, Hahn, Francis Collins etc. for lockdowns & vaccine; they will hang all vax deaths on you!

by Paul Alexander

POTUS Trump, I am warning you again! You must stand up now, it is easy to see the shift, they are turning this on you, from lockdown lunacy to vaccine OWS! say now lockdowns failed & VACCINE!

I supported you in the past and still do. You have to set the record straight on the lockdown lunacy and it was a failure not to fire Fauci and Birx et al. It was a grave failure to allow the COVID gene injections and I do not blame you to the extent that you depended on your advisors who head these alphabet agencies etc. You were lied to! We all were lied to! We never needed this shot and it is time for you to say the right things! COVID was amenable to risk stratification and all responses should have been age-risk stratified based. Targeted to the high-risk vulnerables and not the general population. This was at worst a bad flu season. Nothing more! You were hollowed out form within form INSIDE the house. It is time for they will blame you on everything! Each death from the vaccine will be due to YOUR vaccine. It is time you stood up especially for the children!