Warning: Unmarried women broke for the democrats, be warned; it is not about the 'right to chose', it is about the fear that SCOTUS and government officials will further impede on 'FREEDOMS'; freedoms

by Paul Alexander

This is about freedom & liberty & a republican POTUS allowed Fauci lockdowns that devastated lives, children etc.; people do not trust anymore and unmarried women feel, rightly, freedom is threatened

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BREAKING: "Married men broke for Republican by 20 pts, Married women broke R by 14 pts, Unmarried men broke R by 7 pts, But *unmarried women* broke D "by whopping 37 pts"; this tells us something
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I support how women feel today, they must feel threatened, their rights and freedoms, liberties etc. based on the lockdown lunacy and all it did to them and their children and homes and husbands. Governments just instantly carte blanche took all their rights and power away in the guise of the fraud fake pandemic and the fraud COVID gene injection. Just like that.