WARNING: what we are seeing with BA.4 & BA.5 sub-variants/clades omicron; we warned that OMI was NOT nature's gift as we felt for a short time initially; NO, non-neutralizing Abs are devastating!

by Paul Alexander

mRNA vaccine induced non-neutralizing antibodies (Ab) that enhances infectiousness of OMI in the upper respiratory tract, but same Abs block severe illness in lower respiratory tract; problem!

All of this would stop if we stopped the COVID injections.

We are very concerned now that what we feared and warned is indeed happening especially in high risk persons, in that the prior blocking of severe illness in the lower respiratory tract (via non-neutralizing Abs) is being overcome and we are beginning to see illness in the lower lungs.

Geert began to warn and people like myself were explaining that we were seeing changes in the data whereby the very same non-neutralizing antibodies that were facilitating infectiousness in the URT (vaccinated getting infected) were blocking severe disease (transfection from infected to non-infected cells deep in the lung) in the lower respiratory tract (LRT), and appearing to prevent the formation of syncytia and this syncytia is reportedly correlated with severe disease. The sub-optimal immune pressure by the non-neutralizing antibodies were behaving the same way in the URT and in time this pressure would be overcome in the LRT and this prior protection of severe disease would be overcome. In short, the prevention of formation of syncytia would stop. We are trying to model this out and understand more, but this seems to be occurring at some level.

We said that it was likely severe illness would emerge in time, and soon, and it is very concerning for we could face both infectious and virulent variants if the COVID injection is not stopped. It is the COVID injection that is doing this, not the virus. It is the injection and the vaccinal antibodies that are subsequently induced by the vaccine that are giving the virus problematic and dangerous properties, dangerous to the vaccinee. Enhanced infectiousness and now seemingly enhanced severity to vulnerable persons. We are courting disaster. We are doing this and the persons in public health and pharma are creating a potentially devastating situation with these failed injections.

I share this study that helps understand syncytia and bear with us as we try to explain what is happening based on the data and how the virus host interactions are unfolding. It is not only due to properties intrinsic to the virus. It’s the interplay between virus and host immune system, and in this case, the massive role of the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies pressuring the spike antigen.


Syncytia formation by SARS-CoV-2-infected cells

“Severe cases of COVID-19 are associated with extensive lung damage and the presence of infected multinucleated syncytial pneumocytes. The viral and cellular mechanisms regulating the formation of these syncytia are not well understood. Here, we show that SARS-CoV-2-infected cells express the Spike protein (S) at their surface and fuse with ACE2-positive neighboring cells. Expression of S without any other viral proteins triggers syncytia formation…Our results show that SARS-CoV-2 pathological effects are modulated by cellular proteins that either inhibit or facilitate syncytia formation.”

Note: Pneumocytes are the epithelial cells that line the alveolar cells of the lungs.

Also, some are thinking now BA.4 and BA.5 may be entirely new viruses, not clades off of omicron master. Sharing this too.