Was Dr. Ramin Oskoui Silenced? Was Dr. Rashid Buttar killed? Oskoui at the senate hearing: "We need to investigate why the NIH, academic medicine and the CDC failed us so badly"; his autopsy?

by Paul Alexander

Where is Buttar's autopsy? Was one done? Where is Oskoui's? Can you say 100% these men who were contrarians & skeptics of the highest order, brilliant, were NOT silenced? I can't. Based on all I know.

There are whispers. There is talk. Growing.

Is this too far-fetched? At the end of it all, we are talking about 2 fine superb and among the best people ever to have passed suddenly.

I ask a simple question and I wish you to comment. Tell me I cannot be right and explain yourself. Ramin was a dear friend of mines and I cannot write or share many things he shared with me over time, about medicine, the failures, politics, what he understood within DC and I can say there is no one who was as connected, the CIA (given he was a son of CIA). He loved America, loved McCullough and Risch and badly wanted to meet in person but the medical psycho board was after his licence too. He was lifting hard behind the scenes, a true giant. He was told by the medical board that if he stepped back from FOX and stopped speaking publicly they would step back on going after him. He called me to say he will not go back on FOX and he did not. They hounded him.

I take death threats daily! It is the nature of the beast. Those of us who stood up against the madness our governments did with the lockdown lunacy and the fraud vaccine. This is the life we live. I have to have security with me in many situations, known ahead of time. This is the price we pay.