Was just told that my dear friend, Dr. Ramin Oskoui has died! He is a great cardiologist FOXHALL Cardiology in DC; he formed part of the FOX Medicine Chest (McCullough, Alexander, Oskoui, Risch, Smith

by Paul Alexander

& Berenson, Kerpen, Makary), Laura would rotate us at height of pandemic as you saw; I had a dinner/coffee set with Ramin for 2 weeks in future as I saw him for dinner each time I was in DC, Virginia

I can talk about Ramin in ways most cannot, as well as Risch.

He did not take the shots. I know, he explained to me. He sent his kids outside to ensure no mandate would force it on them in university, he felt these were bioweapons, deadly day one, he was angered by the mRNA technology and the effect and how the vaccine was brought.

I did not just appear on FOX with him, I went to him in person and we became very good friends. I was to pick him up in McClean where he lived and take him to Harvey Risch’s Yale retirement luncheon at his home, Ramin had a funeral to attend so we did not. We had many a dinner together with my family at a special Mexican type restaurant in Foxhall area he loved. It was stirring for I loved sitting with him for we spoke of things that cannot be in print and based on his steep knowledge of medicine, cardiology, and Washington, politics, CIA etc.


I learnt things of the government and CIA from his perspective. He was a son of CIA dad and he was an American patriot, doctor, specialist. I loved the man, I would call him each 2 days on any issue and he would tell me to tell McCullough what to do when people were attacking him, Risch etc. on all COVID issues (advise them) for he had his views and he loved them. He wanted me to arrange a dinner in DC the next time a group went there to Senate etc. and it must have McCullough and Risch for many of us he never met in person, only on FOX. He wanted to meet McCullough in person. We were trying to set it up.

He was a soldier in the fight unlike many, silent too yet helping us. I just will not say how. He was hounded by his Board. FOX’s Laura Ingraham loved him, were great friends. He loved her. Her fight in the COVID lies. He would tell me stories of their friendship and times and they were good to hear.

Many people with heart issues post COVID shot would call me for a cardiologist and I would put them onto him and he would help them.

I write this in shock but wanted to say a few words for one of the greatest smartest people I will ever know. He treated my family with respect. His daughters are headed to medicine overseas. Loved his kids, boy how much he would talk about his girls and shows us pictures.

I just do not know what to say. In every one I met in COVID, 3 years now, I can say without hesitation, he was the greatest mentor and friend. I will not share our communications. I just spoke with him couple weeks ago and the last words he said were “call me as you get into DC so we will have dinner and I have some honey for you”…he was an avid bee keeper. expert. Just the greatest. He respected me and turned to me when his Board was threatening his licence to help him prepare for his defense so we worked on his legal matters as to early treatment advocacy, failures of masks etc. What a giant, what a beautiful man.

He so admired Risch and McCullough. Loved them. I knew felt same of me but we saw each other in the flesh lots. A joy!

The world lost now, massively.

My deep sadness today. I know this man is headed to heaven. A special place.